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1995 IPMA Annual Report

Annual Report to the Membership

for the year ending June 30, 1995

Table of Contents

Message From the Chair:

Once a year, it's time for the Board of Directors to report the progress of the IPMA to the general membership.

Many of you are actively involved with one or more of the IPMA committees, like the Fall Forum Committee - So, much of what is in this report is not new to you. But, for those of you who haven't been helping directly with a committee, and only occasionally attended an IPMA-sponsored event, this is a good summary. A summary of committee objectives, accomplishments and near-term objectives. A summary of our finances. A summary of the corporate sponsors that make it possible for us to bring the information processing community a number of informative/fun events.

I have particularly enjoyed working this past six months with the IPMA Board of Directors. These people have done some considerable work since their election, last January. It is primarily the extent of Board of Directors' efforts that make our activities pertinent, informative, and exciting. This year's Board is very dedicated to IPMA progress. If you've participated in any of the IPMA events during the last half-year, you have probably sensed how well-coordinated they have been. What you may not realize is how much behind-the-scenes work it takes to put these activities together. I want you to know the people you've voted into office are serving you well. You might want to catch one of them someday, and thank them for their efforts. Dispite their demanding jobs, this all volunteer group that really has performed... performed for you.

--Joe Coogan, Chair

Mission Statement:

Improve the State Information Technology Environment through:

  • Professional networking with other state government IS managers and positive influencing of the State's IT agenda.
  • Professional development and cultivation of new IS initiatives.
  • Financing of activities through money-making activities.
  • Leveraging IPMA's corporate structure and resources to provide services to the state information technology community.

Organization and Membership Description


The Information Processing Management Associates is organized as a Washington state Corporation. There are no stockholders and the Board of Directors and officers receive no compensation.

Statement of Membership:

Membership in the IPMA is open to all current or retired state employees who are interested in information technology and who support the mission of the organization. Membership dues are $15.00 annually. There is only one class of membership.

Board of Directors:

Joe Coogan Chair Department of Information Services 902-3462
Bob Marlatt Vice Chair Department of Licensing 753-6926
Phil Grigg Secretary Department of General Administration 586-1904
Phil Coates Treasurer Department of Fish and Wildlife 902-2300
Jim Andersen Office of Financial Management 753-4573
Alvin Bloomberg Department of Natural Resources 902-1490
Mary Ellen Bradley Department of Fish and Wildlife 902-2303
Dennis Laine Employment Security Department 438-3225
George Lindamood Retired
Darrel Riffe Department of Revenue 753-2509
Shelagh Taylor Department of Labor and Industries 902-5970

Schedule of Events:

Fiscal Year begins July 1

Board of Directors Meetings 2nd Thursday of each month

Deadline for Newsletter Articles 3rd Thursday of each month

Executive Seminar September

Fall Forum October

Board Nominations and Elections November

New Board of Directors takes office January 1

Annual Membership Meeting June

Committee Reports

Business Planning

Bob Marlatt 753-6926


The purpose of the Business Planning Committee is to build and foster the long term business interests in order to take advantage of the IPMA's unique business structure. We will do this with experimenting with providing event management services for government related services.

Accomplishments for 1994-1995:

As partner with the New Market Skills Center, IPMA members provided advice, guidance and support in supporting their computer skills program and curriculum advisory group.

Objectives for 1995-1996:

For the next year, Business Planning Committee has the following objectives:

  1. Provide event management support for a state justice community conference;
  2. Subcontract event management services to reduce the load on Board of directors.

Executive Seminar

Darrel Riffe 753-2509


The purpose of the Executive Seminar Committee is to provide an annual seminar which facilitates communication, networking and the promotion of information technology ideas for state government managers.

Accomplishments for 1994-1995:

The 1994 Annual Seminar was held in Tacoma on June 1st and 2nd. We were able to secure speakers from the State of California, Hewlett Packard, and Microsoft. We were also successful in engaging George Lindamood, Director of DIS, as our keynote speaker.

Objectives for 1995-1996:

The IPMA will offer a seminar in September of 1995 that will build on the messages of managing information technology through the 1990's. There are a number of issues to be resolved in light of changes to the IPMA. These issues include location, duration and attendance.

Fall Forum

Jim Andersen 753-4573


Forum is an annual information technology and communications trade show sponsored by the IPMA. Held in Olympia in October since 1979, Forum has proven to be an effective opportunity for vendors to demonstrate their products, for speakers to share their expertise and knowledge, and for state employees to attend cost effective seminars and product demonstrations. It is important to note that there are no other major technology trade shows conducted in the Northwest to compare to Forum.

Accomplishments for 1994-1995:

Financially speaking, Forum 94 was the most successful ever. Vendor participation included 11 corporate sponsors and 36 vendors. Attendance was approximately 1,100 state and local government employees. Forum 94 offered four keynote speakers, 15 breakout sessions, and an executive breakfast for 85 senior information technology managers, agency directors and program managers.

Objectives for 1995-1996:

The following objectives have been endorsed for Forum 95:

  1. Manage Forum so that it is cost effective, realizes a 10% profit and the expectations of attendees and participating
  2. vendors are met;
  3. Conduct Forum in the Olympia area utilizing the current two day format plus a third day for the agency executive and
  4. members only breakfast seminar;
  5. Provide a private reception for Corporate Sponsors, Forum speakers and guests, and IPMA members;
  6. Provide an opportunity for corporate sponsors to participate at the Spring Conference in June.


Shelagh Taylor 902-5970


The Membership Committee is charged with the responsibility of establishing an active membership of current and retired state employees who are interested in information technology and who support the mission of the organization. The Committee will work to provide opportunities for members to maintain contact with other members for the sharing of problems, ideas, and information. The Committee will also insure that members have the opportunity to benefit from the educational forums and seminars provided by the IPMA.

Accomplishments for 1994-1995:

In the past year, the Membership committee has streamlined its membership renewal processing with quarterly mailings. Local Vendor discounts continue to be offered as good value to IPMA members, and a members only gift certificate drawing became a feature at the monthly luncheon program. In February 1995, a new membership committee was formed.

Objectives for 1995-1996:

The Membership Committee will measure its success by the number of information technology managers members who renew their membership, and or become new members of the IPMA. The 1995 goals of the committee are:

  1. To increase by 5% the number of information technology managers who are members.
  2. To develop two membership networking opportunities.
  3. To conduct an annual survey of membership to solicit ideas for the IPMA agenda.
  4. To enhance membership communication through utilization of the Internet.


Mary Ellen Bradley 902-2303


The purpose of the monthly newsletter is to provide members with information about upcoming Board meetings, actions taken by the Board of Directors, special events, seminars, and other issues of interest to members.

Accomplishments for 1994-1995:

During 1994-1995, the newsletter provided special articles on topics such as Internet Services, benefits of outsourcing, and the Year 2000.

Objectives for 1995-1996:

For the next year, the Newsletter Committee has the following objectives:

  1. Provide monthly articles by Board members and the general membership addressing issues of current interest;
  2. Review the newsletter mailing list and develop recommendations on the appropriate target audience.
  3. Continue to provide the minutes of the IPMA Board so that the membership is informed about the direction of the IPMA.
  4. Provide information about the technology meetings and seminars for training opportunities.

Professional Development

Dennis Laine 438-3225


The purpose of the Professional Development Committee is to provide training and educational programs for the membership and the IT community. Responsible fiscal management ensures ongoing program integrity. To accomplish this, technology vendors will present programs at minimal cost to the IT community. The Professional Development Committee will sponsor a "for fee" large scale event to maintain a positive cash flow.

Accomplishments for 1994-1995:

In January 1995 the Monthly Programs committee and the Professional Development Committee were combined and the monthly noon time events were phased out in April. Declining attendance at the monthly noon time events led to this change.

Objectives for 1995-1996:

For the next year, the Professional Development Committee has the following goals:

  1. Sponsor quarterly, 3-4 hour events targeted at IT managers which allow for networking among the managers;
  2. Respond to reduced training budgets and travel restrictions by offering four technical courses, half day to full day, at $15 - $25 per person.
  3. Offer one large scale event with a major speaker at $50 - $75 per person, half day in length, with luncheon session option with "featured" speaker.

Financial Reports

Account Balance Report as of 6/30/95

Cash and Bank Accounts
Checking $18,687
Petty Cash 0
Post Office $379
Savings Account $13,309
Strategic Savings $30,000
Total Cash and Bank Accounts $62,375
Other Assets
Accounts Receivable $1,254
Total Other Assets $1,254
Total Assets $63,629
Accounts Payable $10,480
Total Liabilities $10,480
Equity $53,149
Total Liabilities and Equity $63,629

Summary Statement of Income and Expenses

Income 7/1/94 - 6/30/95
Exec Conference 1994 $150
Exec Conference 1995 $5,000
Forum - 94 $45,836
Forum - 95 $3,600
Interest $1,497
Membership Dues $885
Newsletter $155
Tax Refund $1,254
Total Income $58,377
Administration $2,931
Board Expenses $1,795
Exec Conference - 95 $8,000
Forum - 94 $30,593
Forum - 95 $38.26
Membership $638.41
Miscellaneous $2,000
Monthly Meeting $1,134
Newsletter $3,585
Professional Development $60
Special Recognition $500
Taxes $1,551
Other $240
Total Expenses $53,066.94
Total Income/Expenses $5,310

Corporate Sponsors

The IPMA thanks the following Corporate Sponsors for their support of the 1994 Forum and other IPMA events.

Andersen Consulting Greg Morgan
Digital Equipment Corporation Brad Jones
The Document Company, Xerox Art Croley
Hewlett Packard Joe Brown
IBM Paul Strohmeier
Lotus Development Corp. Carole Herrin
Microsoft Michael Thompkins
Novell Corp. Joann Stergachis
Tandem Chet Thomas
Unisys Harry Baird