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1996 IPMA Annual Report

Annual Report to the Membership

for the year ending June 30, 1996

September 12, 1996

Table of Contents

Message From the Chair: Bob Marlatt

What is the IPMA?

The IPMA has been around for a while. Its creators included several senior Information Technology managers who got together for lunch occasionally. This group saw the need for professional development programs and developed several events that included the monthly meetings and the IPMA Fall forum. The forum grew and grew. In the late `80s this informal group decided that there was significant personal liability in running events such as the IPMA fall FORUM.

We provide networking opportunities for state information technology managers to discuss issues of importance to the information technology community.

We exist to provide professional development opportunities to state information technology managers. We provide forums where other Washington state executives can interact with our community. The IPMA incorporated in 1989. They decided to incorporate as a for profit corporation to simplify the book keeping and to pay the appropriate corporate taxes rather than to file as a Not-for-Profit corporation. Although IPMA is a for-profit corporation, its by-laws and charter are such that no board member ever receives any compensation for their efforts. While the corporation does pay meeting expenses, no board member draws a salary or receives any personal gain from the IPMA. In a IPMA board retreat held in mid-January 1996 the Board of Directors examined the purpose and the direction of the IPMA. The eleven board members reiterated that the IPMA is an association of information technology managers that work within state government to accomplish several specific purposes:

further the professionalism of the state information technology community

The board expressed a need to place a focus and priority on the concept of IPMA as an association. The IPMA corporate entity exists as a tool for the Board of Directors to use in developing and providing for the IPMA's association needs. The board in the coming years intends to shift the focus away from the corporate affairs to the IPMA as a state association of information technology manager.

My challenge this year, as chairperson is to make the focus on the IPMA as an association real. While the things the IPMA does may be the same, our intent and motivation will change to identifying and meeting the needs of our State Association. I look forward to providing leadership in bringing back the original intent and motivation behind the IPMA. We have important things that we as a community needs to do. Let's do them together.

Mission Statement:

Improve the State Information Technology Environment through:

I. Professional networking with other state government IS managers and positive influencing of the State's IT agenda.

II. Professional development and cultivation of new IS initiatives.

III. Financing of activities through money-making activities.

IV. Leveraging IPMA's corporate structure and resources to provide services to the state information technology community.

Organization and Membership Description


The Information Processing Management Associates is organized as a Washington State Corporation. There are no stockholders and the Board of Directors and officers receive no compensation.

Statement of Membership:

Membership in the IPMA is open to all current or retired state employees who are interested in information technology and who support the mission of the organization. Membership dues are $15.00 annually. There is only one class of membership.

Board of Directors:

  • Bob Marlatt, Chair Department of Licensing 753-6926
  • Alvin Bloomberg, Vice Chair Department of Natural Resources 902-1490
  • Shelagh Taylor, Secretary Department of Labor and Industries 902-5970
  • Phil Coates, Treasurer Department of Fish and Wildlife 902-2300
  • Jim Andersen Office of Financial Management 753-4573
  • Mary Ellen Bradley Department of Fish and Wildlife 902-2303
  • Joe Coogan Department of Information Services 902-3462
  • Phil Grigg Department of General Admin. 902-7452
  • Dennis Laine Employment Security Department 438-3225
  • Bob Monn Department of Ecology 407-6585
  • Darrel Riffe Department of Revenue 753-2509

Schedule of Events:

Fiscal Year begins July 1

Board of Directors Meetings 2nd Thursday of each month

Deadline for Newsletter Articles 3rd Thursday of each month

Executive Seminar September 18, 19, 20

Fall Forum October 22, 23

Board Nominations and Elections November

New Board of Directors takes office January 1

Annual Membership Meeting September 12

IPMA Standing Committees:

Business Planning

Executive Seminar

Fall Forum


Professional Development

Business Planning

Alvin Bloomberg 902-1490


The purpose of the Business Planning Committee is to build and foster the long term business interests in order to take advantage of the IPMA's unique business structure. We will do this with experimenting with providing event management services for government related services.

Accomplishments for 1995-1996:

As partner with the New Market Skills Center, IPMA members provided advice, guidance and support in supporting their computer skills program and curriculum advisory group.

Objectives for 1996-1997:

For the next year, Business Planning Committee has the following objectives:

Produce the Business Plan for IPMA

Pursue other opportunities for providing event management services.

Assist Department of Personnel in reviewing information technology job classifications.

Work with the CAB on common issues such as training for information technology professionals

Executive Seminar

Darrel Riffe 753-2509


The purpose of the Executive Seminar Committee is to provide an annual seminar which facilitates communication, networking and the promotion of information technology ideas amongst senior information systems state government managers.

Accomplishments for 1995-1996:

The 1995 IPMA Executive Seminar was held in Ocean Shores. We were able to secure speakers from the State of Oregon, US Bank Corp., IBM, FBI and Bay Networks Systems. We were also successful in engaging speakers from the National Assistive Technology Alliance, Valinor, and the Department of Personnel. Steve Kolodney, Director of Information Services was our guest dinner speaker for the first night and Curt Pederson, Chief Information Officer for the State of Oregon was guest dinner speaker for the second night. Dr. Terry van der Werff was keynote speaker on "Harnessing the Future: Strategies for a Global Age.

Objectives for 1996-1997:

The IPMA will offer a seminar September 18-20, 1996 that will build on the messages of managing information technology through the 1990's. We expect the seminar will be as successful and well attended as last years. The location will be in Ocean Shores.

Fall Forum

Dennis Laine 438-3225


Forum is an annual information technology seminar and communications trade show sponsored by the IPMA. Held in Olympia in October since 1979, Forum has proven to be an effective opportunity for vendors to demonstrate their products, for speakers to share their expertise and knowledge, and for state employees and others to attend free seminars and product demonstrations. It is important to note that Forum is one of the premiere technology shows in the northwest.

Accomplishments for 1995-1996:

Financially speaking, Forum 95 was the most successful ever. Vendor participation included 11 corporate sponsors and 35 vendors. Attendance was approximately 1,100 state and local government employees and visitors. Forum 95 offered two keynote speakers, 18 breakout sessions, and an executive breakfast for 65 senior information technology managers, agency directors and program managers. Special thanks to Jim Andersen for Chairing this very successful event and prior events. Jim is looking forward to retirement and is assisting the new Chair in learning how to put on Forum96.

Objectives for 1996-1997:

The following objectives have been endorsed for Forum 96:

  • Manage Forum so that it is cost-effective, realizes a 10% profit and meets the expectations of attendees and participating vendors;
  • Conduct Forum96 in the Olympia area utilizing the current two day format plus a third day for the agency executive and members only breakfast seminar;
  • Provide a private reception for Corporate Sponsors, Forum speakers and guests, and IPMA members; and
  • Provide an opportunity for Corporate Sponsors to participate at the 1997 Executive Seminar.


Mary Ellen Bradley 902-2303


The purpose of this committee will be to provide a monthly newsletter which will give members information about upcoming Board meetings, actions taken by the Board of Directors, special events, seminars, and other items of interest to members. The committee will also manage and maintain the electronic home page as another means of keeping membership informed on IPMA activities.

The committee will work with other IPMA committees to insure effective announcements of their activities.

The committee is responsible for promoting membership in the IPMA and will maintain the membership roster.

Accomplishments for 1995-1996:

During 1995-1996, the newsletter provided special articles on topics such as State Procurement using Internet service, Windows 95, and the results of the IPMA survey.

The committee increased the number of information technology managers who are members of the IPMA. In December, an annual survey of the members was conducted to obtain ideas for the IPMA agenda. The committee provided two networking opportunities for members.

In February of 1996, an Electronic Home Page was developed so that members would have Internet access to IPMA information.

Communications Committee's Objectives for 1996-1997:

1. Provide monthly articles in the newsletter by Board members and the general membership addressing issues of current interest;

2. Continue to provide the minutes of the IPMA Board in the newsletter so that the membership is informed about the direction of the IPMA;

3. Include in the newsletter information about technology meetings and seminars for training opportunities.

4. Continue to improve the home page which provides members with timely information about the IPMA;

5. Provide members with links to other Internet sites of interest.

6. To redefine the role and responsibilities of membership;

7. To provide new opportunities for membership networking;

8. Improve marketing communications around IPMA events;

9. Work on more effective means of communicating with both our members and the vendor community

Professional Development

Bob Monn 407-6585


The purpose of the Professional Development Committee is to provide training and educational programs for the membership and the IT community. The Committee will work with technology vendors to provide programs at minimal cost to the IT community. The Committee also will sponsor selected formal training events to be provided on a "for fee" basis.

Accomplishments for 1995-1996:

During the past year Professional Development events moved from a monthly noon time format to a quarterly half day format. Those who have attended the half day events have found them beneficial and informative.

The June 1995 event was a panel discussion of Windows 95 and was held in conjunction with the IPMA annual meeting. Panel members representing Gartner Group, Meta Group, Microsoft and a systems integrator with Windows 95 beta experience gave their opinions of the new operating system.

In September a discussion of the newest developments in relational data bases had representatives of Sybase, Tandem, Oracle and IBM discussing industry trends and new features.

Steve Kolodney addressed a lunch time gathering of over 125 in December and presented his vision for DIS and his view of information technology's role in state government.

In March 1996 Network Security in the World of the Internet was the topic with representatives from Bay Networks, Microsoft, and Novell.

In March 1996 leadership for Professional Development passed from Dennis Laine to Bob Monn in a realignment of duties among the board members.

Professional Services Committee's Objectives for 1996-1997:

For the next year, the Professional Development Committee has the following goals:

To provide educational and networking opportunities for the IT community through quarterly half-day events.

To provide formal training opportunities for the IT community.

To begin working toward a regular annual schedule of professional development events for the mutual benefit of the membership, corporate sponsors, and others in the IT community.

Financial Reports

Account Balance Report as of 6/30/96

Cash and Bank Accounts
Checking $30,536
Petty Cash 0
Post Office 279
Savings Account 13,941
CD 11-3-96 5.2% 32,190
Total Cash and Bank Accounts 76,946
Other Assets
Other Assets $867
Total Other Assets 867
Total Assets $77,813
Liabilities 0
Total Liabilities and Equity $77,813

Summary Statement of Income and Expenses

Income 7/1/95 - 6/30/96
Executive Seminar - 95 $15,050
Executive Seminar - 96 13,900
Forum - 95 47,650
Forum - 96 4,250
Interest 782
Membership Dues 1,665
Newsletter 185
Total Income $83,482
Administration 10,337
Executive Seminar - 95 9,129
Executive Seminar - 96 144
Forum - 95 26,322
Forum - 96 204
Membership 1,165
Newsletter 4,691
Professional Development 3,397
Contributions 500
Total Expenses $55,890
Total Income/Expenses $27,592

Membership Roster

Jim Albert Attorney General Office Olympia 753-4389
Bob Althauser Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 902-3034
Jim Andersen Office of Financial Management Olympia 753-4573
John Anderson Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 902-3333
Steve Armstrong Community, Trade and Econ. Development Olympia 586-1398
Mike Bieker Washington State Lottery Olympia 586-1090
Alvin Bloomberg Department of Natural Resources Olympia 902-1490
Rose Bossio Department of Health Olympia 705-6106
Betty Boushey Dept. Of Social and Health Services Olympia 902-7517
Mary Ellen Bradley Dept. Of Fish and Wildlife Olympia 902-2303
Linda Bremer Dept. Of Personnel Olympia 459-6639
Fay Bronson Dept. Of Services for the Blind Tenino 586-1250
Art Brown Washington State Parks Olympia 902-8585
Thomas Bynum Office of Financial Management Olympia 664-3377
Lance Calisch Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 902-3041
Ron Carignan Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 902-3431
Brad Chandler Employment Security Department Olympia 438-4733
Cheryl Chorba Dept. Of Social and Health Services Olympia 753-0103
James Cleghorn Info. Systems & Strategies, Inc. Olympia 352-1879
Phil Coates Dept. Of Fish and Wildlife Olympia 902-2300
Debbra Cole Washington State Patrol Tumwater 586-4665
Barbara Collier Dept. Of Labor and Industries Olympia 902-4614
Barbara Conley Dept. Of Social and Health Services Olympia 753-1322
Joe Coogan Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 902-3462
Sunny Cotey Dept. Of Ecology Allyn 407-6586
Mike Curtright Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 902-3289
Don Dahl Dept. Of Retirement Systems Olympia 586-5771
Stephen Desselle Department of Revenue Olympia 664-2423
Ruth Devine Dept. Of General Administration Olympia 902-7456
Clare Donahue Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 753-5465
Mark Donges Protech, Inc. Lacey 951-3971
Bob Elias Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 902-3493
Daniel Fannin Communications Technology Center Olympia 664-2482
Amy Fortier Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 902-3554
Mark Fortier Office of Financial Management Olympia 753-1204
John Foulkes Dept. Of Licensing Olympia 586-6745
Bradley Francis Employment Security Department Olympia 438-4720
Myrna Frasier Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 902-3256
William Geisler Department of Health Olympia 705-6108
John Gerrits Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 902-3501
Phil Grigg Dept. Of General Administration Olympia 902-7452
Jim Gunn Dept. Of Retirement Systems Olympia 753-2530
Sheryl Hall Wdfw-ms/is Olympia 902-2335
Ron Halloway Department of Health Olympia 902-7512
Dewey Harris Office of Financial Management Olympia 664-3350
Sadie Hawkins Office of Financial Management Olympia 664-3351
Steven Hellyer Department of General Administration Olympia 664-0052
Andy Jackson Veterans Affair Olympia 586-8394
Allen Jacobitz Emergency Management Olympia 923-4515
Jim Johnson The Evergreen State College Olympia 866-6000 E6238
Dennis Jones Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 664-8936
Jackie Jones-hook Community, Trade, & Econ. Development Olympia 586-4505
Thomas Jons Higher Education Coordinating Board Olympia 753-1166
Keith Kawamura Dept. Of General Administration Tacoma 902-7472
Steve Kolodney Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 902-3500
Michael Kretzler Utilities and Transportation Commission Olympia 753-3055
Dennis Laine Employment Security Department Olympia 438-3225
Jackie Lee Dept. Of Information Services Allyn 902-3424
James Lee State Investment Board Olympia 664-8295
Ray Levee Dept. Of General Administration Olympia 586-3504
Karen Lichtenstein Dept. Of Social and Health Services Olympia 902-7525
Dan Lipp Board for Industrial Insurance Appeals Olympia 586-6346
Jenifer Louden Department of Health Olympia 664-9230
Andrew Marcelia Dept. Of Information Services Tacoma 902-3563
Samuel Martin Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 902-3468
James Martinez Department of Agriculture Olympia 902-2004
Brett Mccarron Dept of Fisheries Olympia 902-2331
Michael Mcvicker Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 902-3129
Kay Metsker Department of Information Services Olympia 902-3130
Judy Mohoric Dept. Of General Administration Olympia 664-9036
Bob Monn Department of Ecology Olympia 407-6585
Richard Morgan Communications Technology Center Bellevue 881-4447
Bob Mosebar Attorney General's Office Olympia 664-0162
Nick Murphy (Retired) Olympia 902-3443
Fran Muskopf Department of Health Olympia 705-6105
Javad Naini Dept. Of Labor and Industries Olympia 956-5860
James Nelson (Federal Government) Olympia 206-373-9853
Ted Nelson Community Technology Center Olympia 459-1084
Renia Neuhauser Dept. Of Social and Health Services Olympia 753-3988
Jackie Oien Washington State Patrol Tumwater 705-5182
Ariyo Oyetuga Department of Licensing Lacey 902-3629
Tom Parma Department of Financial Institutions Olympia 902-8702
Dan Parsons Washington State Patrol Olympia 586-7562
Jim Plonski Liquor Control Board Olympia 753-6345
Denise Prowse Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 902-3488
Jim Reitz Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 902-3477
Darrel Riffe Dept. Of Revenue Olympia 753-2509
Kathy Rosmond Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 902-3445
Todd Sander Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 902-3572
Robert Schley Superintendent of Public Instruction Olympia 753-1717
Judy Schneider Dept. Of Social and Health Services Olympia 664-9255
Michael Scroggins State Board for Comm. Technical Colleges Olympia 586-8771
Karl Seitz Washington State Lottery Olympia 586-6215
Nona Shelly Department of Health Olympia 705-6148
Luther Smith Dept. Of Social and Health Services Olympia 902-7650
Susie Smith State Auditor Office Olympia 664-3373
Thelma Smith State Interagency for Outdoor Recreation Centralia 902-3010
Michael Stack Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 644-8128
Debbie Stewert Dept of Ecology Olympia 438-7527
Butch Stussy Office of Administrator for the Courts Olympia 357-2406
Shelagh Taylor Dept. Of Labor and Industries Puyallup 902-5970
Betty Tenney Communications Technology Center Olympia 664-2483
Roland Tollefson Central Washington University Ellensburg 509-963-2934
James Vane Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 902-3291
Tri Vo Office of Financial Management Olympia 664-3386
Curt Volland Liquor Control Board Olympia 753-9113
Bob Walk Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 902-3189
Anne Wax Dept. Of Social and Health Services Lacey 459-6896
Debra Wilhelmi Committee for Outdoor Recreation Olympia 902-3005
Valerie Williams Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 902-3186
Craig Wilson Washington State Patrol Olympia 705-5178
Glenn Wilson Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 902-3290
Jerry Wolfson Dept. Of Information Services Olympia 902-3336

Corporate Sponsors

The IPMA thanks the following Corporate Sponsors for their support of the 1995 Forum and other IPMA events.

Bay Networks Keith McManigal
Dell Mary Verdurmen
Digital Equipment Corporation Rick Blake
The Document Company, Xerox Art Crowley
Hewlett Packard Elaine Williams
IBM Paul Strohmeier
Microsoft Michael Tompkins
Novell Patrick Daniels
Sybase Sue Zuehlsdorf
Tandem Chet Thomas
Unisys Harry Baird