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Board of Directors

IPMA is governed by a 12-person Board of Directors. The Board holds a monthly meeting on the second Thursday of the month and holds an annual planning meeting; see Board Meeting Summaries. The current chair and members of the Board are listed below.

Name / Office Agency Phone
Vonnie Diseth, Chair
(Term expires Dec. 2019)
Administrative Office of the Courts 360-705-5236

Heidi Geathers, Vice Chair
(Term expires Dec. 2020)

WA Department of Revenue


Ann Bruner, Secretary/Treasurer
(Term expires Dec. 2020)
WA Department of Licensing 360-664-6601

Tony Alfonso
(Term expires Dec. 2021)

The Evergreen State College


Bryce Carlen
(Term expires Dec. 2020)
Office of the Insurance Commisioner 360-725-7000
Mary Craig
(Term expires Dec. 2021)
WA Department of Services for the Blind 360-725-3830
Wendy Huff
(Term expires Dec. 2019)
WA Department of Revenue 800-647-7706
Chris Lamb
(Term expires Dec. 2019)
Office of Financial Management 360-902-7314

Matthew Modarelli
(Term expires Dec. 2020)

Washington State Department of Transportation


Mary Mueller
(Term expires Dec. 2021)
WA State Liquor and Cannabis Control Board 360-664-1600
Tom Wallace
(Term expires Dec. 2021)
Washington State Patrol 360-596-4118
Scott West
(Term expires Dec. 2019)
Washington Technology Solutions 360-407-8700

Board Committees

The members of the Board committees are presented below.

Board and Volunteer Recruitment

Communications and Outreach

Executive Seminar



LeaderPath for IT Managers

Professional Development

Board Staff

Chief Financial Officer: Barry Diseth (Officers, Finance, Communications)

Chief Operating Officer: Gary "Mace" Maciejewski (Officers, Communications, Forum, Executive Seminar, LeaderPath)

Professional Developement Event Coordinator: Vacant (Officers, Professional Development, LeaderPath)