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Carl Harris

Carl Harris - IPMA Board Member (2010 - )

Department of Fish and Wildlife
E-mail: Carl.Harris@dfw.wa.gov

Carl began his state service as a cartographer for the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in 1989. Prior to that, he held positions in cartography, urban land-use planning, geology and mining, electrical substation design, and architectural drafting. He has a degree in Earth Science from Clark College in Vancouver, Washington.

When Carl began as a cartographer for the DNR’s Geology and Earth Resources Division, all of the drafting was manual. He recalls being laid out over a light table for two years drafting just one publication quality geologic map. As time went on he introduced GIS capabilities and quickly transitioned the Division to utilizing computers not only for cartographic output, but also geologic analysis. From there he promoted internally within DNR as an IT Project manager, responsible for multiple GIS projects within the agency.

Carl served as the Chief Information Officer with the Department of Agriculture from 2006, until 2014 where he successfully led the change effort to modernize the computing infrastructure of the entire agency. He states that none of the success he's enjoyed at Agriculture would be possible if not for the passion, innovation, and drive of the entire team of IT professionals.

In 2015, Carl accepted a new role at the Department of Fish and Wildlife at the Sr. IT and Business Systems Analyst.