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Heidi Geathers

Heidi Geathers

Sr. Assistant Director, Administrative Services

Department of Revenue


Phone:  360-534-1615

Heidi Geathers is an experienced IT leader with over 20 years in the technology field.  She has been a part of the technology evolution, applying many principles she has learned over the years to technology initiatives today.  Currently, Heidi is an executive leader within Washington State's central technology agency, WATECH.  Heidi leads the technology services division which has responsibilities for the technology roadmap, enterprise applications, security, network infrastructure, state data center, telecommunications, enterprise architecture, and the customer service center.  Service offerings for the organization include on premise solutions, brokered services, leveraging the cloud, and a hybrid of offerings that span a multitude of options.  Heidi manages a budget of approximately $45M annually.

Heidi has leveraged her skills in both the private and public sectors.  She notes that the cultures of business may be different, but the need for technology to successfully execute the business purpose is the same.  Heidi worked for two decades in the Banking world and transitioned in the public sector as the CIO at the Liquor and Cannabis Board. During her tenure she lead the technology team in implementing a paperless process for licensing Marijuana businesses which also included a cloud provider for the Seed to Sale system in which all Marijuana licensees transaction data were processed for regulatory purposes.  Ease of use, Transparency, security, sustainability, and efficiency are key outcomes for business solutions implemented.



















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