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Matthew Modarelli

Matthew Modarelli, IPMA Board Member (2017 - )

Chief Information Officer

Military Department

Phone:  (253) 512-8000

Email: Matthew.Modarelli@mil.wa.gov

Matt Modarelli is the Chief Information Officer and Director of Information Technology (IT) for the Washington State Military Department. The department is comprised of the state’s Emergency Management Division, Army National Guard, Air National Guard, State National Guard, and the Washington Youth Academy. As CIO, Mr. Modarelli provides leadership, strategic planning, implementation, and operations of enterprise technology solutions supporting nearly 8,000 state and federal employees with a mission of protecting Washington’s people, property, environment, and economy. Mr. Modarelli serves as a member of the department’s Executive Management Team and reports to The Adjutant General/Homeland Security Advisor, Washington State. Before assuming his current position, Mr. Modarelli served as Cyber Security Manager and Disaster Manager, Washington State Emergency Management Division. Before assuming duties for Washington State, Mr. Modarelli served as an IT Manager and Federal Law Enforcement Officer for the Department of the Air Force (retired).



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