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LeaderPath Program Outline and Application

by Barry Diseth | 06/08/2017

Class of 2018


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Strategic IT leadership helps organizations become more efficient, more effective and more capable when responding to challenge and change. The LeaderPath training program offers a comprehensive personal and professional approach to developing today’s leaders to meet today’s challenges and realize tomorrow’s opportunities.

LeaderPath addresses the unique leadership challenges and opportunities faced by public sector IT professionals and their business partners who work closely with them.

This customized learning program is an intense and robust five-month learning experience geared to public sector technology professionals and related business managers positioned for the next generation of leadership.

Join the LeaderPath Class of 2018 and become a member of a very distinguished alumni group. Applications are now being accepted.




The LeaderPath 2017-2018 Application and Flyer word documents are located at the bottom of this page.


For more information, please contact:

Melanie Reynolds leaderpath@gmail.com 360-451-1466

Robert Jeffers robertjeffers@gmail.com 360-352-1137

LeaderPath Program Dates and Outline

LeaderPath Orientation ~ October 11, 2017

Capstone Team Work Party ~ November 2, 2017

Building Relationships ~ December 5, 6, 7, 2017

  • Team Development
  • Stakeholders as Partners
  • Personal Leadership Skills
  • Creating a Sense of Belonging
  • Collaborating Across Boundaries
  • Coordinating Organizational Change

Communicating Direction ~ January 9, 10, 11, 2018

  • Performance Management

  • Using the Language of Leaders

  • Managing Interpersonal Conflict

  • Coaching and Influencing Others

  • The Power of the Budgeting Cycle

Enabling Change ~ February 6, 7, 8, 2018

  • Strategic Planning

  • Engaging Others in Change

  • Assessing Capacity for Change

  • Managing Risk/Managing Change

  • Presentation Skills: The Art of Influence


Capstone Challenge Team Presentations and LeaderPath Graduates and Alumni Reception ~

~ March 20, 2018

Capstone Challenge Teams work throughout the duration of the program to address real world leadership challenges. Participants should expect to spend several hours working together outside the classroom. At the end of the program, all teams will present an outline of their leadership challenge, proposed solutions and share their overall learning experience with a select audience of other IT professionals and proven leaders.

360 Degree Leadership Assessment is included in the tuition fee. Program participants will receive private coaching sessions to interpret and understand their personal feedback report.

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