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Over 600 attended the annual IPMA FORUM technology fair and training conference on May 15th and 16th.  Employees from state and local government along with private sector staff came to St. Martin's Marcus Pavilion to learn from the 43 technology vendors present and attend seminars on topics ranging from Autonomous Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence, to Blockchain and more. 30 presentation and seminars were delivered over the two day conference.

Copies of many of the presentations are available on the FORUM 2018 agenda page.



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by Barry Diseth | 03/06/2017

Chair - Ann Bruner

Vice Chair - Adam Aaseby

Secretary/Treasurer - Gary Pratt

Complete list of Board of Directors

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by Bob Monn | 05/20/2014

On May 19, Governor Jay Inslee issued a proclamation recognizing the Information Processing Management Association; see attachment below.

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by Allen Schmidt | 04/09/2014

The IPMA has been serving the leadership, education, and networking needs of Washington State Government employees for over 50 years.

It started with a small group of IT managers who met in Olympia to discuss ways to solve common problems, share information, and get to know each other better. At the end of the meeting, they all agreed to keep the discussion going, and the IPMA was born.

The IPMA celebrated 50 years of service to the State of Washington in 2014.


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by Allen Schmidt | 03/25/2014

Cloud-based Application Platforms offer the ability for businesses to rapidly build and iterate on applications, to support their line of business processes and deliver working software significantly faster than traditional development tools.

Are you a Software Developer or Applications Manager who’s tired of spending most of their time creating data management and workflow applications?

Do you wish there was a better way to support desktop and mobile users in one application?

If this sounds like you, you owe it to yourself to attend this workshop!

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by Allen Schmidt | 11/13/2013

We have added a new section to our RESOURCES page listing valuable online educational resources. Check it out.

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