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1998 IPMA Forum

Event Date and Time: 
Oct 20 1998 - 8:30am - Oct 21 1998 - 5:00pm


You are invited to attend Forum 98 on October 20-21, 1998 at the Tyee Motel in Tumwater. This year’s Forum theme is Beyond 2000.

As we move toward the 21st century, many of the old rules and technologies will be replaced. Beyond the year 2000, our old rules will not apply to how we work and why people work. Technologies will change how we deliver service to our customers who have technology skills equal to or better than our staff’s.

Have you wondered why, with all the information crossing our desks, none are aimed at helping you become more effective in handling ever-changing information technologies. Have you often wished that you had a single time-effective means to get access to the latest ideas, trends, and solutions in one location? Well, Forum 98 is your chance to see the latest technologies and to share experiences. To talk to the vendors who market and support these new technologies. To attend presentations by noted speakers who can explain trends and describe solutions that have worked in the workplace. To talk to your fellow managers and peers who are experiencing similar problems or may have solved similar problems.

You simply can’t lose by attending Forum 98. Forum 98 is free and open to everyone. Bring lots of guests.

Can we count on you to spread the word about Forum 98? Please share copies of this brochure with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions, please call 360-786-1979 and leave us a message. The IPMA’s homepage is at www.ipma-wa.com.


Jim Albert

Chair, IPMA

Forum 98 Program

Tuesday October 20, 1998

8:30 am - 9:45 am


"Technology in State Government"

Mr. Joe Dear, Chief of Staff for Governor Locke, Chair of the Information Services Board, former Director of the Department of Labor and Industries and Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA.

10:30 am - Noon

"Data Marts Vs Data Warehouses."

Jon Coss, Area Manager for Oracle for the Public Sector in the Pacific Northwest.

Are data marts just small data warehouses or is there a fundamental difference? What are the differences in the products that support data marts and data warehouses? Where is the industry going, why should I care? What can Data Administrators expect in the next 5 years? Jon will apply both a technical and functional background to these issues.

"TVW, What it is and Where it is going."

Denny Heck, President of Television Washington (TVW).

Denny Heck will share his vision of where TVW is going and the types of services to be provided. TVW provides unedited television coverage of state government deliberations and public policy events. It is currently received in the homes of 2.5 million people daily.

"Managing LAN Remote Access"

Bryan Platt, Corporate Business Strategist, Novell, Inc.

The Internet presents users and administrators with new opportunities for remotely accessing corporate network resources. Learn how an enterprise directory provides a platform for managing client access, providing optimized access to applications, and integrating VPN's.

1:30 – 2:45 PM

"Accessing Mainframe Systems over the Web - Washington State Government Examples"

State Panel

DIS has teamed with L&I and DOL to allow unmodified mainframe systems to be accessed from the Internet. How did they do it? What is the implication for your agency?

"REAL Systems – The Future"

Real Systems

Providing multimedia content over the Internet or Intranet is a serious bandwidth challenge. Rather than forcing the user to wait for an entire file to download, streaming media lets playback begin almost immediately. Representatives from streaming media pioneer Real Networks and Washington Interactive technologies will provide an overview of streaming technology and demonstrate how Washington state agencies are using this to deliver multimedia to employees and customers too.

"Managing and Securing your Network"

Greg Schaffer, Principal Engineer, Bay Networks

As networks continue to grow in size and stature, simple device control is no longer viable. Bay N/W will discuss how to implement policy-enabled networking that can provide application, bandwidth, and device management and security. Participants in this seminar will walk away with a clearer understanding of the security issues, management platforms, management approaches and tools available to change how we manage and secure the networks of today and tomorrow.

3:00 – 4:45 PM

"Connectivity/ Serving Data on the Web"

Eugene Onishi, E-Business Specialist, Bruce Prout, Senior Software Specialist, and Ralph Barbato, Technical Sales Specialist, IBM

Hear about and experience how corporate data is being served on the web. See successful alternatives and learn when each is the appropriate approach. See how issues of maintenance, performance, scalability, system and programming resources influence your choice of approach. Find out which are getting easier, as well as the challenges that remain.

"Delivering High Bandwidth to the Home"


The speaker(s) will describe and contrast the use of telephones versus cable systems to provide high bandwidth Internet to the home. The session will also offer a Q and A session.

"Computer Telephone Integration"

Greg Hatch, Lucent

What is this technology all about? When should one consider its employment? What are the physical constraints? What dollar benefits have been realized? Who are the major players/what are the products?

8:30 am - 9:45 am


"Semaphore to Wireless - The 20th Century and Beyond"

Mr. H.A. "Red" Boucher, President Alaska Wireless Technology Inc. and former Lt. Governor of Alaska, 1971-75 and consultant for "telcos" and government on emerging computer communication technologies.

10:30 - Noon

"Knowledge-Based Internet Based Help Desk"

Keith Daniels, Manager of Business Development / Technical Support, Gateway Computers

Demand for fast and accurate assistance with IT questions grows daily. Strategies to meet this demand may include Consolidation of service desk solutions in a distributed IT environment, self-help supported by an accessible knowledge base, and the use of the Internet/Intranet for access to support.

"E-Commerce Today and Tomorrow"

Chris Gehring, Director of Public and Americas International Online Business Division, DELL

Electronic commerce moves a step beyond the simple movement of information to include merchandise and money in the digital mix. As consumers become more familiar and more comfortable doing business over the Internet, demand will grow for online delivery of government services. E commerce deals with a variety of business functions, from point of sale requirements to invoicing, payment and receipt.

"A Strategy for Utilizing the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model."

Jim Garner and Cathy Edwards, BEST Consultants.

The maturity framework developed at the SEI addresses the steps organizations must take to improve their software capabilities by characterizing the software development process into five maturity levels. By establishing their position in this maturity structure, organizations can more readily identify those areas where improvement actions are most likely to produce results.

Wednesday October 21, 1998


1:30 – 2:45 PM

"Ala Carte Learning for Maximum Human Performance."

Wayne Hodgins, Director of Worldwide Learning Solutions for Autodesk Inc. and President, Computer Education Managers Association.

Diverse and varied user requirements require innovative solutions. Developing the capability for alternative instructional delivery systems is a challenge. Software manufacturers are offering a much wider range of holistic solutions to meet these needs such as: Computer based training, performance support, self-paced/scheduled instruction, multimedia distance learning, and facilitation of student self-learning.

"Web Developed Applications"

Dr. Jeff Reed, Puget Sound Systems Group

A discussion of strategies and tools for implementing an underlying architectural foundation that will provide the best solution for building a new generation of computing solutions that brings together personal computing and the Internet. This open strategy provides a model for flexible applications development regardless of ever-changing development tools.

"Total Cost of Ownership – A Case Study"

Markee Foster - Senior Consultant, Microsoft Consulting Services

What is Total Cost of Ownership? How is it defined and measured? Microsoft will answer these questions and show specific examples of real technology cost reduction in action today. Come see how your agency can apply this framework today and beyond the year 2000. Hear about findings in a local case study.

3:00 – 4:45 PM

"Best Structure for Delivering Training"


What is the "BEST" infrastructure for delivering training and help desk solutions in your enterprise? A look at centralized/consolidated service desk solutions, distributed service desk solutions, wed-delivered multimedia courseware, and open learning, flexible learning methodologies may help you find the right mix for you.

"Can Big Bandwidth be Managed?"


Switch and router vendors are introducing new products that combine capabilities that give network managers more control over how their networks deliver the multiple service quality levels needed to meet diverse application requirements. These same mechanisms will add complexity to network management, administration, and troubleshooting.

"Personnel – Can Government Compete?"

Bob Hahn, DOP

Get the latest information on the recruitment and retention strategies for how you can continue to be competitive in the increasingly tumultuous area of IT employment. Human Resource analysts from the Department of Personnel explain the most recent developments in Senate Bill 6767 that proposes compensation adjustments to IT job classes and review recent survey information with private sector employers.


More than 40 vendors, including the following corporate sponsors, have chosen to be at Forum 98. Please stop by at their booths and thank them for their support.


All Forum speaker sessions and vendor areas are open to the public. If you have any ADA related questions, please call the IPMA at 360-786-1445.


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