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Welcome to the 2014 IPMA Forum

Information Technology in Washington State is in transition and so is the IPMA Forum. This year, we have made some significant changes to the Forum to deliver better information to attendees and better value to the entire IT community. Check out the agenda. You will see more relevant topics, a stronger business/IT focus and more networking time built into your visit.

The tracks this year are Business Solutions, Strategic Directions, Professional development, and Vendor Showcase. Each one will offer you a variety of topics that we hope will leave you enlightened and motivated.

Forum is going green again this year. All the details will be available from our new IPMA web site. Please watch this web page for a link to the online Forum brochure and use your mobile device to browse the schedule while at the Forum.

We are asking that all attendees pre-register for the Forum and the admission fee for this event is the donation of one canned food item, which will go to the Thurston and Mason County Food Banks.

And finally, this will be a very special year at the Forum because the IPMA is celebrating 50 years of service to the State of Washington. It’s a party and you are invited!

Thank you for attending this year’s Forum.

Carl Harris, Chair, IPMA