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October 2, 2007 CIO Breakfast

Event Date and Time: 
Oct 2 2007 - 12:00pm

Summary of IPMA CIO Breakfast Meeting

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

The primary topic of the breakfast meeting was:

  • to understand the questions that Legislature is asking about I.T. budget requests
  • provide input and ideas from the State’s I.T. Leaders about how to address the questions the Legislature is asking

The key Legislative question and themes from the previous afternoon’s presentation by Representative Mark Ericks and Legislative Staff Member Dave Johnson were reviewed:

  • “Is the State making the most of any/all investments in Information Technology?”
  • Think Ahead and Dream Big”
  • Have to be smarter and work together
  • Perception that we are doing the same things/duplicating efforts

The group brainstormed the following ideas:

  • Have broad access to the consolidated statewide portfolio of projects and systems
    • Make it easy to find similar activities across the state
  • Create new funding models to:
    • Sustain large projects
    • Bridge funding cycles
    • Provide advance funding
  • Reduce financial “penalties” for early adopters of DIS enterprise services
    • Funding up front for new services – cover cost recovery for initial phases
    • Make enterprise services cost attractive
  • Get ahead of determining which central services should be delivered
    • Core services that everyone needs
    • Forecast needs
  • Develop a strategic I.T. plan for the state (last one was 2004)
    • Include enterprise services, common infrastructure and common applications
    • Need broad involvement and support – work together on it
    • Plan beyond 2 years but work within budget constraints and timing
  • Catch things earlier in the process
    • o Deliver the I.T. Pool to the Legislature instead of having to have them create it
  • Provide a high-level I.T. discussion forum
    • Visioning
    • Beyond Enterprise Architecture forum
    • Scope out new services, develop new models for rates, define markets
  • Develop a process to make commitments ($’s) to common services
    • Collaborate – (takes resources)
    • Written commitments up front
  • Systematic review of rate-setting for enterprise services
    • Find sweet spot between level of service, cost competitive
    • Address DIS funding requirement that each service has to pay for itself
  • Remove impediments to using DIS in more of a partnership
  • Improve ability to articulate and represent needs to the Legislature
    • Avoid techno-speak
    • Utilize ROI
  • Remove risks of losing original business need when deciding to pursue enterprise services
    • Get some feedback as to why two decision packages for enterprise services were pulled this year

In the meeting wrap-up, Representative Ericks and Dave Johnson emphasized that we need to be able to articulate the business problems to the Legislature and the foundation and small steps to solve them.

In closing, there was agreement that we are all in this together and that we need to figure out a way for the CIO group to get more involved.