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Capstone Project Team 2

IT Transformation in State Government

Shared services, new data center, new agencies, new organizational structures, continued economic woes and new leaders….we are living in a time of unprecedented change that affects IT staff, state agencies, and the public. What can our leaders do to support staff through all these changes? How can our leaders ensure services are not impacted and expectations continue to be met? How can our leaders turn these difficult, changing times into a fabulous opportunity for IT staff? How will (someday) state agencies and the public be better served as a result of this transformation?

Team Members Agency
Jones, Eltina DOH
Robinson, Patrick DOL
Rux, Eric EWU
Kenney, Janet LNI
Hoxit, Debbie DES

Steward: Lyle Tillett, DRS

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Photo of Capstone Project Team 2

Project Report

Team Presentation