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Capstone Project Team 3

Statewide Strategic IT plan

ESSB 5931 called for the following: “The office (of the State CIO) shall prepare a state strategic information technology plan which shall establish a statewide mission, goals, and objectives for the use of information technology, including goals for electronic access to government records, information, and services. The plan shall be developed in accordance with the standards and policies established by the office. The office shall seek the advice of the board in the development of this plan. What should the State do, and what should a strategic plan include to create a cohesive and actionable plan for information technology, at an enterprise level? Please also consider standards and policies that could/should be addressed.

Team Members Agency
Jacob, Jibu DOC
Lander, Charles DOH
Holtz, Kimberly DES
Campitelli, Denise EWU
Covington, Teresa DES

Steward: Doug Selix, DES

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