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Capstone Project Team 4

Governance for Washington’s Enterprise IT Services

Now that the organization structure of the State’s enterprise business units (DES, CTS, OCIO) has been established, it is time to leverage these business units to deliver effective IT solutions at reduced cost. . A governance process that has to deliver value in the eyes of all the stakeholders will need a strategy that reconciles the competing interests of those stakeholders. But, how will the enterprise decisions be made, priorities be established, standards approved, and investment initiatives sponsored and supported. Consider the who, why and what - not just the how.

Team Members Agency
Keeling, Michael Courts
Culver, Brian Cascadia Comm. College
O’Leary, Marie DOH
Sackett, Nora LNI
Landers, Kelly Ann DES

Steward: Ann Bruner, DES

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Photo of Capstone Project Team 4

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