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Capstone Project Team 5

Expressing IT as a Service and not a Product

IT departments across all levels of government experiment with various types of cloud-based services and interagency systems. But, can a transition be fully realized until IT starts to be thought of as a service rather than a product? Is it really about the technology or about the technical services used to develop new applications? Infrastructure as a service is generally what people talk about in regard to consolidation. When we consider transition and consolidation: Is this enough? Too much? Too little? Too fast? Too slow? How and why should we consider moving technology from product to service, and are we ready to move from service to strategy?

Team Members Agency
Garland, Linda DOC
Re, Matty DOH
Davenport, Darrell DRS
Costello, Kathy DES
Sinks, James SIB

Steward: Tracy Auldredge, DOH

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