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Capstone Project Team 6

Strategies for Leading IT Organization Turn Around (or Advancing an IT Organization from Good to Great)

At some point, every leader is charged with an opportunity to turn an organization around, or advance an organization to the next level of performance. What are the successful strategies, and leadership behaviors, that a new IT leader should employ to engage an underperforming IT organization and turn it into a word class IT service provider? If a new leader begins with a solid performing IT organization, what are the successful strategies and leadership behaviors he or she might utilize to move the organization from “good to great”? Are the approaches different for the organization that needs a turnaround versus the organization that needs/wants to move from good to great? Be creative, be thoughtful, and be strategic.

Team Members Agency
Creighton, Jennifer Courts
Zimmerman, Cynthia DOH
Swenson, Josh ESD
Keating, Erick EWU
Ratko, Stephanie DES

Steward: Marcus Bailey

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