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Capstone Challenge Team 5

Succession Planning – Strategies for Growing Bench Strength

Your team’s success depends on your ability to drive positive, comprehensive results leading to consistent succession strategies now and in the future. Your work should address design, development and delivery of a program focused on the IT professional who wants to broaden her/his technical skill and/or management & leadership acumen. The program is expected to be comprehensive, reach a variety of employee levels, and should span six to twelve months, at least. Can your team move this agency from familiar solutions to new strategies?

Team Members
Mark Delaplane, Chief Architect, L&I
Brian Main, IT Operations Manager, DOT
Jacquee McNerney, Business Analysis Supervisor, DES
Jean Rushing, Supervisor, Hazardous Waste Information Unit, ECY
David Schmidt, Network Administrator, DOT
Greg Tudor, CIO/IT Manager, RCO/PSPC