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LeaderPath 2016

IPMA LeaderPath for IT Managers 2016

IPMA LeaderPath Planning Committee

  • Ann Bruner, Department of Licensing
  • Vonnie Diseth, Administrative Office of the Courts
  • Gary Pratt, Eastern Washington University

LeaderPath Program Managers / Principal Instructors:

  • Robert Jeffers, Lindsey & Jeffers
  • Melanie Reynolds, MJR Consulting

LeaderPath Guest Instructors and Invited Speakers:

  • Samad Aidane, Guest Instructor, Cultural Competencies / Bridging Differences
  • Pam Skinner, Guest Instructor, Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Theo Yu, Guest Instructor, Leadership in Public Sector Budgeting
  • Jim Albert, Speaker, Washington State Office of Financial Management
  • Bill Schrier, Speaker, City of Seattle Police Department
  • Jayne Werch, Speaker, Washington State Health Benefit Exchange

LeaderPath for IT Managers Class of 2016 Overview

The LeaderPath program spans six months and includes eleven class days. Throughout the six months, participants were engaged in a team leadership challenge, culminating in Capstone Day presentations led by each team.  The Class of 2016 program schedule included:

October 20, 2015
Program Orientation
Capstone Challenge Team and Topic Assignments
Clarifying Management vs. Leadership Exercise

November 19, 2015
Capstone Challenge Work Session

December 1 – 3, 2015
Module One:  Building Relationships

January 19 – 21, 2016
Module Two:  Communicating Direction

February 23 – 25, 2016
Module Three:  Enabling Change

March 29, 2016
Capstone Challenge Presentations
Graduation and Reception including guests and LeaderPath alumni

360 Degree Leadership Skills Assessment

Using The Leadership Circle™ assessment instrument, LeaderPath program participants invited their bosses, their peers, their direct reports and others to participate in an anonymous, on-line assessment of the participant’s leadership skills and behaviors. The resulting feedback reports were shared with each participant in a private coaching session.  All feedback reports were completed and discussed before Module One began in December 2015.  Participants used the feedback and coaching information to focus on their learning opportunities throughout the rest of the program.

LeaderPath Capstone Challenges:

Capstone Challenge presentations are the culmination of the LeaderPath for IT Managers program.  Through their Capstone team assignment, participants were expected to demonstrate both formal and informal leadership behaviors, strategic and creative thinking, positive communication skills, active team participation and a professional presentation of a thoughtful approach to addressing challenges faced throughout public sector organizations.  On Capstone Day, teams presented to a large audience, including a panel of IPMA board members who were actively engaged with the teams during a Q & A session.

Capstone Presentation Panel:

  • Ann Bruner, IPMA Board, Department of Licensing
  • Vonnie Diseth, IPMA Board, Administrative Office of the Courts
  • Rob St. John, IPMA Board, WaTech

LeaderPath 2015/2016 Capstone Challenge Teams and Topics: