MAY 3, 1984

12:00 NOON

1. Introduction of Guests

2. Presentation of Guest Speaker: Dan Jensen
Private Management Consultant

3. Approval of Minutes

4. Treasurerís Report

5. ADPM Board Report

6. DPA Announcements

7. Old Business:

8. New Business

9. Correspondence

10. Other Comments

11. Adjourn

Association of Data Processing Managers
Minutes for Meeting of
April 5, 1984

The meeting was called to order by the chairman, Dennis Jones, at Arnolds Restaurant.


Don Brown introduced the speaker, Dr. Paul Young. Dr. Young is the head of the Computer Science Department at the University of Washington.

The Computer Science Department was initially organized as a group in 1968 and became recognized as a department in 1976. A 1982 survey ranked the department in the top ten for quality of resources and teaching. One of their goals is to stay in the top ten.

The Department is small -- only 15 to 16 full-time faculty. Expansion has been slow. The student population has not been very large, however it is now starting to climb. Growth is attributed to the fact that as students do not find work, they return to school. It has also been found that students from the East like to stay in this area.

The department has been looking at software support required by higher technology. The DB NET may fold for lack of support. There has been a lot of interest, but not for the State of Washington.

The Department is expanding service offerings to senior students in other departments -- architecture, public language, etc. There is currently no program for undergraduates. Expanded research is planned in the artificial intelligence and graphic areas.

IBM is setting up two labs -- one for research and one for instruction. These labs will be for projects for advanced graduates. Hardware for the labs include a mainframe networked with P.C.ís and P.C.XTís. Expanded programs are being planned for this fall. Negotiations with IBM are now being conducted to provide two additional labs with work stations for advanced computer science students.


The minutes of the March, 1984 meeting were approved as written.


March Balance $ 197.99  
Dividends 35.11  
Dues 1,450.00  
Warren Printing refund 189.94  
Planning Conference 47.21  
Speakers' Lunches 12.00  
BALANCE   $1,813. 83


The observation that general meeting attendance has been very low prompted Dennis to call and urge agency managers to attend. Interestingly, in contrast with the past, upper management is generally in attendance, but lower and middle management people are not coming. The board encourages all of the members to attend as many meetings as possible.

DPA Report

Bob Payne reported on the DPAís meeting in April:

The DPA funding request to assist in starting a Micro Resource Center did not make it into the final legislative budget. It was noted, however, that implementation of the center will go forward regardless. The WDPSC and Service Center 3 will establish the proposed service through a cooperative agreement.

John Flanagan reported on the networking subcommittee. Their most significant activity was the preparation of an RFP for the consultant network study which will take place this summer. Rick Stablein has been in contact with most of the major agencies advising them of the DPAís plans and seeking their support.

Discussions are now occurring between the DPA and GA concerning approval procedures for office automation equipment. There are currently some grey areas when it comes to making purchases of this nature. An updated draft joint agreement between the DPA and GA is planned for the end of the month,

The Washington Library Network requested approval for a 5% rate increase, The purpose is to ensure the agency will be able to break even during the next fiscal year. The DPA board moved approval.

Regarding security plans, all but three agencies have submitted either a plan, an update, or a request for delay.

There were two significant acquisitions approved by the board: A request from Corrections for $1.8 million for terminal equipment which will be used to implement their On-Line Offender Tracking system. Eastern Washington State University requested a new processor to replace their existing Sperry 70/90,

There were four post implementation reviews discussed: One from Retirement on their Prime computer system; DSHS on a 140 terminal network, and discussion about the DSHS MMIS p.i.r, due next month. The other significant PIR was that of JDPSC on PROFS, The report indicated a high level of success on the project and announced the intent of the WDPSC to expand the service to include other state agencies,

Speakers Bureau

Bob Payne reported that more responses to the survey have been received, In most cases, a person is being recommended as a speaker without his/her knowledge, Bob will be contacting those people to see if they are willing to be on the speakers list,

Senior DP Management Seminar

John Long reported on the management seminars, They were extremely well received, Forty-six persons signed up; 18 for the first session, and 27 for the second, Dr. Marti will be the host,

John expressed how pleased and excited he feels with the response that has been received for training in this initial try at developing management seminars.

DP Managers State-of-the-Art Seminar

Dr. Ruben Marti reported on this seminar. It is an annual one-day briefing on the state-of-the-art in data processing. This yearís selected topics include microprocessors and local networks in the morning session, the new system development methodologies in the afternoon session.

The target date is June 7 at the Westwater Inn, Olympia. Enrollment will be open by special invitation to the DP managers and/or their designees. Class limit will be fifty participants.

Nominations Committee

A nominations committee will be formed to develop a roster of candidates for the election in June. Nominations from the floor will also be taken at the next ADPM meeting.

Personnel Class Study

Jan Cabe (Service Center 3) discussed the study for the data processing professional series. This has been a central topic between the data processing community and the Department of Personnel.

Jan gave a brief history of this study explaining the problems involved with the understanding and communication of what the essential nature of the work is in various positions, especially at the higher levels, and particularly the SDS and CSA4, and the new consultant classification,

The committee has been trying to find a workable solution which would allow data processing managers to hire the types of persons they need as well as allow the Department of Personnel to keep a proper check on the process.

Service Center 1 is in the process of developing specifics for the Analyst/Programmer 5 -- the position to replace the current CSA 4. Work is progressing on developing a cover sheet for the package to be presented to the Department of Personnel Board at their August or September meeting.

Jan stressed that membersí input is vital, and to please submit their responses as quickly as possible,


The next meeting of the ADPM will be May 3 at Arnold's Restaurant. The meeting was adjourned.

TO: ADPM Members

FROM: Mary Swarthout, ADPM Secretary

SUBJECT: Fall Forum Speakers

The ADPM Fall Forum Committee is looking for speakers for the FORUM in September. Following is a list of topics to be included this year. We would appreciate any suggestions you may have for speakers. Please return your list to me. Thank you.

Organizational Impact of Current Technologies ________________________________________
Job Classification/Labor Impact ________________________________________
Local Networks ________________________________________
Statewide Communications (Laser, Microwave) ________________________________________
Fourth Generation Languages Microcomputers ________________________________________
Management of Personnel Resources (The Human Dimension) ________________________________________
Future Technologies ________________________________________
Office Automation ________________________________________