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Monthly Association Meeting

Date:February 6, 1986

Location: Arnold's

Time: 12:00 Noon

Topic: Public Interest Governmental Lobbying

Speaker: Les Eldridge, Thurston County Commissioner

Special Luncheon Buffet: $5.50Buffet salad, soup, cold cuts, coffee, tea or milk

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Table of Contents

Chairman's Message
February 6th Agenda
January 8th Minutes
January 15th Board Meeting
WDPSC Training News
Info Systems Training News
1986 Fall Forum Questionnaire
DP Equipment For Sale
Disabilities Don't Stop Productivity
• Spring ADPM Management Seminar
• Weyerhaeuser Systems Planning

Chairman's Message

Bob Edwards. ADPM Chairman

March 6, 1986 will go down in history as a key day for this Association. We (you & I) will be looking at the very heart and core of the Association's being. This introspective look started several months ago at a board meeting. We were concerned with whether or not we were properly reflecting the current status of the profession. One thing lead to another until we are now feeling a need to look at the very reasons for the Association and its activities.

Are you actively involved in the Association? If so, that is great. If not, why not? What would the Association need to do to meet your work-related needs?

On March 6, following the regular monthly luncheon, you will have a chance to express your needs and concerns. Instead of a speaker, we will have a facilitated session where you will have a chance to help shape the future of your Association. After hearing you on the 6th, your Board and officers will meet in another session to take whatever action seems warranted.

Be sure to mark March 6 on your calendar. The meeting will be upstairs at Arnold's. We eat at noon. It's a pretty good lunch for $5.50. If you are not able to come for the luncheon, I expect the meeting to begin about 12:30 and last for a couple of hours. We'll stay until all have had their say.

See you March 6.

Association of Data Processing Managers

February 6. 1986 Meeting - Arnold's Restaurant - Noon


  1. Introduction of Guests
  2. Introduction of Guest Speaker:
    Public Interest Governmental Lobbying
    - Les Eldridge, Thurston County Commissioner
  3. Approval of Minutes
  4. Treasurer's Report
  5. ADPM Board Report
  6. DPA Announcements
  7. Old Business
  8. New Business
  9. Correspondence
  10. Other Comments/Announcements
  11. Adjournment

ADPM January 8th Meeting Minutes

Submitted By Glenn Medeiros, ADPM Secretary

The meeting was called to order at 12:24 PM by Chairman Bob Edwards. Bob welcomed the guests and introduced the Program Chairman, Jim Michal.

Luncheon Speaker

Jim introduced the guest speaker Lorraine George, an applications planning specialist with the Weyerhaeuser Company, Information Systems Division. Ms. George spoke on the four-phase information and technology planning process in use at the Weyerhaeuser Company. She described the process, breaking it down into four phases: business model, target systems environment, technology planning and tactical plan, explaining each and it's relationships to the others. Particular emphasis was given to the business modeling phase.

For a more detailed explanation please refer to the enclosure on Systems Planning Services offered by the Weyerhaeuser Company.

Business Meeting

The minutes of the December 5th meeting were accepted as published.

The Treasurer reported the checking account stands at $3025.73 with the addition of three more member dues.

There was no DPA report.

Old Business

Louie Orlando, standing in for Dr. Marti, reported on the first meeting of the "Forum '86 Committee". A questionnaire was handed out to all present soliciting suggestions on size and content of the next Forum.

John Long distributed a handout on the 1986 Spring ADPM Management Seminar. It will be a two day William Oncken seminar on "Managing Management Time". It will be held at the Westwater Inn on March 27-28 with the minimum attendance set at 50. The seminar will cost $300 per participant.

Bob Edwards made some comments on the changes being proposed for the Computer Analyst Programmer 5 classification.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 PM giving everyone interested time to attend the DPA meeting at 1:30 PM.

ADPM January 15th Board Meeting Minutes

Summarized By Glenn Medeiros, ADPM Secretary

At the opening of the meeting all members were in attendance with the exception of John Gerrits.

The first item of business was DP training. Dennis Jones reported the training committee was going to evaluate the U of W management training after the next session which is being conducted on January 16-17.

Dennis also gave a short status report on the spring DP management seminar which will be the William Oncken "Managing Management Time".

Jim Michal reported on Bob Payne's effort to start work on a plan to coordinate data processing training within state government. He requested the ADPM be represented on a steering committee to help. Dave Scheibe will participate as the ADPM representative.

Bob Edwards introduced the issues facing the DP community concerning the CAP 5 classification. Ron Pierce and a person yet to be named from Dennis Jones's staff will work with the Department of Personnel to try to resolve the issues.

The Board directed Glenn Medeiros to pay the Westwater the full $1500 owing on room rentals and meals from the October '85 forum.

Phil Coates reported on the first meeting of the "Forum '86" Committee held on January 3. There was some discussion on the intent and scope of the future forums. He will share the results with the whole committee at their next meeting.

The Board next addressed the involvement of a limited number of member agencies, universities, etc., in the activities of the ADPM. This has been illustrated by, but certainly not limited to, the number of government organizations represented at the monthly luncheon meeting. This has been about 30 members from 12 organizations. In an effort to promote more involvement, the Board decided that over the next two months they will gather input from the non-involved organizations which could lead to by-law changes being proposed in the areas of purposes and objectives for the ADPM.

The next meeting will be held on February 12 at 1:00 PM at an as yet unspecified location.

WDPSC Training News

Submitted By Connie Williams, Training Administrator

The following is a calendar of WDPSC courses scheduled at this time. We will provide you with an updated schedule in the newsletter each month.

NOTE: You will be charged for enrollees who do not attend, and fail to cancel at least ten days prior to the course. Substitutions may be made up to the beginning of the course.


(Note: The newsletter listed individual course offerings, but they are not included in this archive version.)


(Note: The newsletter listed individual course offerings, but they are not included in this archive version.)

Information Systems Training Schedule

Submitted By Dr. Ruben Marti, DPPD Program

(Note: The newsletter listed individual course offerings, but they are not included in this archive version.)

1986 Fall Forum Questionnaire

The 1986 Fall Forum Committee needs your ideas. Would you please take a minute and share your thoughts with us?

1. Should FORUM be expanded (i.e. bigger location (Saint Martin's gym}/ more vendors (25 were turned away in 1985})?

2. Should the audience be enlarged to include other than DP people and DP users?

3. What would be an appropriate/ timely theme for 1986?

Please route to:

Carolyn Lawson


Mail Stop: FX-12

Thank you. 1986 Fall Forum Committee:

Phil Coates, ADPM
Louie Orlando/ WDPSC
Bob Elias/ SC3
Roger Olsen/ DPA
Jeff Boyce/ AFC
Ruben Marti/ ED&TD
Carolyn Lawson/ ED&TD
Jane Hale/ ED&TD

DP Equipment For Sale

For Sale: Xerox Word Processing Equipment

4 - 860 Information Processors each consisting of full page screen, keyboard with "Cat" cursor control, two single-sided eight inch disk drives, controller, and 45/40 CPS letter quality printers and automatic paper feeders. Age of systems range from two to five years.

One has TTY and Point-to-Point communications software. Two have spellchecking "Validator" software.

Asking Price: Between $2,500 and $4,000 depending on system age and software.

1 - 850 Full Page Word Processor consisting of full page screen, keyboard with "Cat" cursor control, two single-sided eight inch disk drives, controller, and 45 CPS letter quality printer and automatic paper feeder; five years old.

Asking Price: $1,500

4 - 850 Display Typing Systems each consisting of keyboard, one line display and letter quality printer unit, plus two single-sided eight inch disk drive, controller; five years old.

Asking Price: $500

1 - Printer Interface Unit enabling up to two 850 Full Page and/or 860 systems to share the same printer.

Asking Price: Make offer.

Training and reference manuals are available for each system.

Prices are negotiable.

For further information contact:

Barb Eddy, Office Systems Analyst
Data Processing Division
Office of Financial Management

Disabilities Don't Stop Productivity

A career in data processing requires the skills of reasoning, problem solving, analysis and communication; but a disability is no barrier. Information Services has had the opportunity to learn firsthand how to work with the unique situations that arise with a person of disability as a staff member.

In January, 1985, Jim, Jones, a guadraplegic, wheeled into our lives in his electric chair. Jim is a graduate of the Resource Center for the Handicapped program "Project Entry" - an intensive 10-month course in business computer programming. In addition to classroom training, each student must complete a two-month internship. Jim is currently working as a computer analyst/programmer, and his future plans are to become a senior analyst and a manager.

Some minor modifications had to be made to accommodate his chair, but other than some occasional door opening, he functions as well as any other staff member on the team. In the future, a new specially equipped van will be provided to him by the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, which will give him the mobility he has missed in the past.

The most recent addition to the staff is Terry Atwater. Terry first joined ES as an interviewer at the Olympia JSC. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology from the University of Washington, and his reason for seeking a career in information processing was to possess a more marketable skill that would help him become self-sufficient. He currently works at the help desk area of the Information Center Services Unit

Many of us who use or have used computers probably remember the first time we sat down in front of one - many buttons, so much to read, so many things to remember. Now, consider that you cannot see but still have to deal with a computer keyboard. This is the situation Terry lives with each day as a blind person.

The special equipment that allows him to perform his task is a Vert Voice Syntheizer, which is attached to his computer and literally talks to him and converts the data to audible signals through headphones. Terry is proficient at using the keyboard, as he converts the information he needs to read into braille by using a machine called a Perkins Braille Writer. It only has six keys and a space bar, but by combining the keys into different variations, he is able to create any word produced by a regular typerwiter.

The drive and persistence displayed by both Jim and Terry has been a source of inspiration to their fellow workers. We in Information Services feel fortunate to have the opportunity to associate with these two fine individuals.

Bill Jones, Information Services Employment Security