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Monthly Association Meeting Agenda

Date: April 2, 1987

Location: Arnold's

Time: 12:00 Noon

Topic: "One-to-One Interviews Can Be Hazardous To Your System's Health"

Speaker: Dr. Blair Burner, WISE Corporation

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Chairman's Message

March 5 Agenda

March 5th Minutes

March 12th Board Minutes

Upcoming Events

Spring Management Seminar

Meeting Survey

Chairman's Message

Bob Edwards, Chairman, IPMA

Each month I wonder what would be useful to be shared with you as the Association movesforward. What is it that would help you share in the exciting things that are happening? I decidedto give you a summary of items your Board is involved with, but that can be obtained from theminutes Jim Michal submits. Now what?

The next thing that comes to mind is the interest that key users quickly expressed in the springmanagement seminar "Communicating Supportively." I shared the announcement with several ofmy peers. They jumped at the chance to go. I better get the registration in before all the space isfilled.

On March 19th I attended the University of Washington's Computer Fair. It was quite aneffective program. Ail the vendors were in one large area (HUB ballroom). The seminars were ina variety of separate rooms holding up to 150 people. It was good to see how others organizedand to share ideas that could apply to the Fall FORUM. I'm sure Tom Bennett has some helpfulsuggestions he would share with the FORUM committee.

Speaking of sharing, have you shared your nominations with the nominating committee? Theyare lining up candidates for our Association for next year. If you are personally interested or havesomeone in mind, please contact Phil Coates (753-2450) or Glenn Medeiros (459-6638). Thinkof the person you would most like to see leading the Association and then get them nominated.Any one of the Board members could be our Association Chair for the coming year.

AGENDA April 2, 1987

  1. Introduction of Guests

  2. Introduction of Guest Speaker

    Dr. Blair Burner, President
    WISE Corporation

    "One-to-One Interviews Can Be Hazardous To Your Systems Health"

  3. Approval of Minutes

  4. Treasurer's Report

  5. IPMA Board Report

  6. DPA Announcements

  7. Old Business

  8. New Business

  9. Correspondence

  10. Other Comments/Announcements

  11. Adjournment

March 5th Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Jim Michal, IPMA Secretary

Chairman Bob Edwards opened the meeting at 12:38 p.m. before 37 IPMA members and guests.

Luncheon Speaker

Program Chairman John Gerrits introduced Mr. David Watts, from Digital EquipmentCorporation (DEC), whose topic was "Networking for the 90's." Mr. Watts stated that DEC'sgoal was to make the network the system and that a key issue was moving from"interconnectivity" to "interoperability." He indicated the industry is moving away from simplyphysically connecting devices and focusing on how things work together and how they work in anetwork environment. Helping to promote that is the development of international standardssuch as the Open System Interconnection (OSI) reference model. He mentioned that thedevelopment of international standards is a crucial step in achieving the goal of multi-vendornetwork environment.

Business Meeting

Bob Edwards requested members to fill out the Forum '87 survey forms, soliciting commentsregarding the theme for this year, that were on the tables. Bob also mentioned that Arnold's required advance reservations for the monthly luncheon meeting. He indicated that the IPMABoard would be discussing the situation. Treasurer Jim Michal reported that the WSECUchecking account balance was $975.54 while the share balance was $8,289.58. Bill Fischer ofthe DPA reported that the "DIT" legislation had passed the Senate Government OperationsCommittee and was currently in the Senate Ways and Means Committee. Dr. Tom Bennett,University of Washington, informed the members of the forthcoming U.W. Computer FairMarch 18-19, 1987. He added a number of speakers such as Dan Fannin (DSHS), DaveAndersen (WLN), and Frank de Libero (Fisheries) would be featured speakers.

The meeting adjourned at 1:40 p.m.

March 12th Board Minutes

Submitted by Jim Michal, IPMA Secretary

Chairman Bob Edwards opened the meeting at 1:15 p.m. in the WCCCC Redmond Computer Facility with a quorum present. Board members John Gerrits and Gary Longmire were absent.

Phil Coates reported that the Forum '87 committee has begun their initial planning for thecoming Fall Forum. He discussed the process of selecting a theme. The Board requested areview of the theme selected prior to general announcements. (In a side topic, the Boardwondered about the process of selecting IPMA committee members and recommended that thenext IPMA Board review the current procedures for selecting members.)

Warren Netherland advised the Board that the Data Processing Managers' Matrix Committee hasjust about completed the development of a revised matrix. The proposed matrix would besimpler than the previous and focuses on the following: 1) how many functions the manager isresponsible for, and 2) how large a portion is managed. .They plan to recommend a singlemanager series and eliminate the current distinct functional series. Warren anticipated therevised matrix would probably be distributed to senior data processing managers for commentsduring the first part of April. He cautioned that refinements were still being completed.

Jim Michal described the need for Arnold's to return to a reservation system for the monthlyluncheons. The reasons include lost opportunities for alternative bookings and over/underpreparation of amounts of food. The Board decided to survey the members regarding preferencestoward alternative locations, meeting times, meeting formats, opinion of a reservation system,etc. Meanwhile, the IPMA will commit to the average paid attendance for the last eight months as the reservation to Arnold's. The Boardagreed to pay for underages, if necessary, and be responsible if too many members show up.Keep your eye on the Newsletter for further details.

The Scholarship Committee is in the process of preparing applications for this year's scholarshipprogram according to Glenn Medeiros. The Committee will award three $500 and two $250scholarships to eligible candidates from the five local high schools and, this year, to includeYelm, Tenino, Rochester, and Shelton High Schools. Publicity will appear soon in the localpapers and the regional weekly's.

The State of the Art Seminar in "Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems" is scheduled for twosessions (of approximately 50 each), one on June 2, 1987, and the other on June 9, 1987. Theday long sessions are expected to cost no more than $100 each and will be conducted at theWestwater.

The Nominating Committee of Phil Coates and Glenn Medeiros will begin the search for nextyear's Board nominees soon.

The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m. after a tour of the WCCCC facility conducted by RichMorgan.

Upcoming Events for the Information Processing Community

FORUM '87 October 20 & 21, 1987

FORUM is the annual computer fair and conference of the Information Processing (IP)Managers of the State of Washington. It is also open to all IP personnel and the users ofinformation services, as well as to participants from other branches of government. The FORUMis jointly operated by the Employee Development & Training Division (ED & TD) of the StateDepartment of Personnel (DOP) and the Washington Information Processing ManagersAssociation (IPMA). This will be the second year in which IPMA will support the FORUMfinancially in its entirety.

The FORUM will again take place at the Westwater Inn Motel in Olympia, on October 20 & 21,1987. Twenty vendors will be invited to participate, in addition to the Service Centers, WLN,and the Word Processors Professional Organization.

The FORUM coordinating committee is integrated this year as follows:

Phil Coates, IPMA/Fisheries
Normaglen Kipp, DPA
Steve Reyda, WDPSC
Pat Hill, DPSC/3
Gary Foote, DSHS/OIS
Sharon Fasnacht, OAC
Carolyn Lawson, ED & TD
Dr. Ruben Marti, ED & TD, Chair

Artificial Intelligence / Expert Systems

June 2, 1987 and June 9, 1987

Intended as a one-day briefing for information processing managers. ArtificialIntelligence/Expert Systems was the topic favored for a State-Of-Tile-Art Seminar in a survey ofinterest conducted at the 1986 FORUM. There will be a session on June 2, 1987, and a repeat ofthe same, on June 9, 1987, for no more than 50 participants each session. A team of instructorsfrom Boeing Computer Services will conduct the presentation.

Presentation contents include: Introduction and Basic Vocabulary and Concepts, Knowledge-Based Expert Systems, The AI Languages, Production Systems, Developing a Knowledge-BasedSystem (KBS), The Furore of AI. IPMA will sponsor this event which will take place at theWestwater Inn Motel in Olympia. Senior information processing managers will receiveinvitations to nominate participants for each session.

Submitted by

Dr. Ruben L. Marti, ED & TD

Spring IPMA Management Seminar

Here is something special! We are pleased to announce that Dr. Chick Sandifer will be with us toconduct two 2-day seminar/workshops on the theme: "COMMUNICATING SUPPORTIVELY"

Last fall, Chick spoke at a monthly IPMA luncheon. His overview of the seminar material"wowed" the audience. Many them encouraged us to bring the full seminar to Olympia. You willfind that Chick presents his material in a fast paced, dynamic style. He has a creative approach tosolving real problems, and a willingness to sham completely. Best of all, being affiliated withWeyerhaeuser Information Systems Division, Chick is well aware of the unique communicationproblems information system professionals and their key users face daily.

As such, your key system users are also welcome!

Time/Location: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Registration starts at 8:00 a.m.) WESTWATER INN

Date: April 28-29 or May 5-6, 1987

DEADLINE: Seating is limited to 40 participants at each seminar. Registration forms andremittances must be received by April 10. 1987, to assure confirmation of the seminar.

If you want to learn:

If you want results in:

Then come and join us for one of the two day seminar/workshops.

Chick Sandifer has been leading management development and communication programs forover 20 years. He has developed major management training programs for many corporationsand has tested the down-to-earth pragmatics of his programs. Chick knows and understands thecommunication barriers, problems, and opportunities of the information systems profession.

This seminar, "Communicating Supportively" has been successfully held repeatedly atWeyerhaeuser, Computerland, Rainier Bank, Seattle City Light, Blue Cross of Washington, andAlaska Airlines to name a few.

Seminar/Workshop Topics Include

Day 1

What causes supportiveness and defensiveness

Key skills to keep interactions supportive

How people mean - what we say, what we do!

Day 2

Developing new ways to be supportive

Reducing defensiveness

Hope to see you there!

Submitted By: John Long

IPMA Professional Development Committee