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  Information Processing Management Associates October 1992  

Don Dahl
Chairman of the Board

Phil Grigg
Vice Chair

Jim Andersen

Linda Bremer

Daryl Riffe
Executive Conference

Glenn Medeiros
Monthly Programs

Bob Edwards
Professional Development

Dennis Jones
Professional Development

John Foulkes
Human Resources

Karen Lichtenstein

Diane Vasarkovy

Special Recognition Award

The IPMA Special Recognition Award will be presented on October 27, 1992 during the opening ceremonies of the IPMA Forum at the Tyee Hotel.  Any state employee working at any level within the field of information technology is eligible to be a winner of this prestigious award.

The Special Recognition Award is presented to an individual who has contributed to state information processing goals by performing "above and beyond" normal expectations of the job.

Glenn Briskin, Chairman of the IPMA Special Recognition Award Committee, wants to remind our members that completed nomination forms should be received by Glenn by October 2, 1992.  Call Glenn at (206) 664-8165 if you need nomination forms.  Send your completed nomination forms to:

Glenn Briskin
IPMA Special Recognition Award Committee
P.O. Box 915
Olympia, WA 98507-0915

Danger in the Comfort Zone

According to Judith M. Bardwick, author of Danger in the Comfort Zone, once managers tolerate mediocrity and evaluate performance half-heartedly, mediocrity becomes the norm.

Bardwick says organizations need employees who are willing to step up to the challenges of change and the discipline to persevere beyond lackluster performance.

  • Check this partial list of symptoms to see if your organization is a haven for mediocrity:

  • The performance appraisal system has no impact on performance.

  • Meetings are endless and follow-up nonexistent.

  • Committees have no real authority.

  • People wait for orders before doing anything.

  • The reward system pays fine-tuners and punishes innovators.

  • Discussion means waiting for the boss to say what's right.

  • No one makes waves.

Soundview Executive Book Summaries
January, 1992

Join Us for Lunch

The October IPMA Luncheon will be:

Date :       October 8, 1992
Time :       12:00 Noon
Location : Urban Onion
Speaker : To be Announced

Memorable Quotes

"In the business world an executive knows something about everything, a technician knows everything about something - and the switchboard operator knows everything."
          - Harold Coffin

"The real problem is what to do with problem solvers after the problem is solved."
          - Gay Talese

"The wise exercise of power is the most challenging activity of leadership.  Power corrupts subtly.  It is the true test of character."
          - Keshavan Nair

Members Invited to Submit Articles for the IPMA News

Want to get published?  Send us your article and we will do our best to publish it in the IPMA News.  Be sure to include your name, address and phone number.

Mail articles to:

Karen Lichtenstein
P.O. Box 915
Olympia, WA   98507-0915
FAX 753-3575

IPMA News is the official newsletter for the Information Processing Managers Association.

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September Board Meeting

The September 17 meeting of the IPMA was called to order by Vice Chair Phil Grigg at 7:35 a.m.  Board members present were Jim Andersen, Glenn Medeiros, Dennis Jones, Bob Edwards, Linda Bremer, Karen Lichtenstein, and Diane Vasarkovy.  Members absent were John Foulkes and Don Dahl.  It was determined that a quorum was present.

The minutes of the August meeting were approved as submitted.

Chairman's report - A motion was made to formally accept Curt Pederson's resignation.  It passed unanimously.  Another motion was made and unanimously passed to accept Karen Lichtenstein as the new board member.  Of the remaining candidates from the last election, Karen had been the top vote-getter.

Treasurer's report  - Treasurer Jim Andersen distributed the Treasurer's summary report.  The motion to accept the transaction report passed unanimously.

Committee reports:

Monthly Luncheons  - Glenn stated that he is finalizing the speaker for October.  Due to conflicts with the Tyee, another facility is being investigated.  The board supported Glenn in making any arrangements necessary for a new facility.  THE OCTOBER IPMA MEETING IS ON OCTOBER 8.

FORUM '92 - Flyers for the IPMA Fall Forum have been mailed.  The Committee needs to finalize speaker arrangements for their requirements.  The letter to senior managers on the Executive breakfast and the IPMA reception is being mailed out in the next two weeks.  The hospitality room will again be available to provide speakers with an area to prepare.  There will be an IPMA booth with information on the organization.  There was discussion on having drawings at the FORUM for mugs, hats, etc. to highlight our organization's ongoing activates.

Newsletter Committee - The newsletter is being prepared by the Strategic Management Institute.  Karen is finalizing details for this month's newsletter and it was suggested that the newsletter highlight the IPMA Special Recognition event.

Professional Development Committee  - The first seminar is set for September 30th.  At this time there will be no promotional discounts.  The billing administrative process is being refined.

Human Resources - There was discussion on the state-wide salary surveys and the resulting effects on information technology professionals.  It was recommended that we invite Dorothy Gerard to speak to the board and interested membrs.  This committee will follow up on these and other related Human Resources issues.

Membership Committee - There will be a special meeting to finalize the decision on membership.  It will be held at the new DIS training facility in Lacey on October 1.

Planning Retreat - Phil handed out the budget summary for 1992-1993.  The format for project budgets will be distributed at a later time.

Special Recognition Award - Glenn Briskin made a presentation on the committee's goals.  He recruited three evaluators:  Glenn Medeiros, Karen Lichtenstein, and Phil Grigg.  Glenn brought up two issues:  Grooming of next year's committee chair, and possibility of new categories of awards.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 a.m.  The next board meeting is scheduled for October 15, at the Urban Onion.  Respectfully submitted Linda Bremer, Secretary.

Dates to Remember

October 8, 1992

IPMA Luncheon

October 15, 1992

IPMA Board Meeting

October 27-28, 1992