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  Information Processing Management Associates November 1992  

Don Dahl
Chairman of the Board

Phil Grigg
Vice Chair

Jim Andersen

Linda Bremer

Daryl Riffe
Executive Conference

Glenn Medeiros
Monthly Programs

Bob Edwards
Professional Development

Dennis Jones
Professional Development

John Foulkes
Human Resources

Karen Lichtenstein

Diane Vasarkovy

November Guest Speaker

Chris Sprinkle

Our November luncheon guest speaker is Chris Sprinkle, Manager of the DIS Research & Assessment program.

Chris was appointed to his position following a nationwide search.  He brings a strong background in research and assessment and an ability to establish consensus in a variety of organizations.  His most recent experience was as a manager of international research and development for the Department of Defense in Washington, D.C.  He recently completed a graduate program in international business management at the American Graduate School of International Management in Phoenix.

One of the goals of the DIS Research & Assessment program is to coordinate information technology demonstration and validation efforts by various state agencies.  According to Chris this will be accomplished through:

  • forming strategic alliances

  • establishing a strategic network throughout the IT community

  • scanning the IT pipeline for new demonstration project opportunities

  • maintaining a library of new technologies, research initiatives, and research and assessment project reporting.

  • communicating IT opportunities, research and assessment initiatives, and research and assessment project progress and final assessment reports

To learn more about the DIS Research & Assessment program, be sure to join us for the November 5th IPMA luncheon at the Urban Onion.


Leadership Education Series Off to Strong Start

The first course in the Leadership Education Series received compliments like these from attendees:

"A very good class that opens your mind, and shows you something new about leadership and yourself."
          Brad Francis, Employment Security

          Mike Bieker, Lottery

Join Us for Lunch

The November IPMA Luncheon will be:

Date :       November 5, 1992
Time :       12:00 Noon
Location : Urban Onion
Speaker : Chris Sprinkle,
                Research & Assessment Manager, DIS
Topic :     DIS Research & Assessment Program

Members Invited to Submit Articles for the IPMA News

Send articles to:

Karen Lichtenstein
P.O. Box 915
Olympia, WA   98507-0915
FAX 753-3575

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Memorable Quotes

"The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it."
          -Brendan Francis

"Computing machines perhaps can do the work of a dozen ordinary men, but there is no machine that can do the work of one extraordinary man."
          -E. B. White

"Total quality leaders understand that personal success is derived from group success..."
          -James Houghton, CEO
           Corning Corporation

"The pursuit of mediocrity is always successful."

October Board Meeting

The October 15 meeting of the IPMA was called to order by Chair Don Dahl at 7:40 a.m.  Board members present were Jim Andersen, Phil Grigg, Glenn Medeiros, Dennis Jones, Bob Edwards, Linda Bremer, Karen Lichtenstein, and Diane Vasarkovy.  Members absent were John Foulkes and Darrel Riffe.  It was determined that a quorum was present.

The minutes of the September meeting were approved as submitted.

Treasurer's report  - Treasurer Jim Andersen distributed the Treasurer's summary report.  The motion to accept the transaction report passed unanimously.

Committee reports:

Monthly Luncheons  - Glenn received support from the Board to pursue luncheon meeting arrangements with Urban Onion.  There was discussion on finding ways to provide wheel chair access.  The speakers for November and December are confirmed.

FORUM '92 - The flyers for the event are going to the printer.  This includes a brief evaluation survey for attendees.  Don mentioned that Government Technology Conference group is interested in collaborating on a regional event.  After some discussion it was decided that this issue merited more research.

Newsletter Committee - Karen asked for feedback on the newsletter.  She especially needs articles to be submitted.

Professional Development Committee  - There is a need to finalize arrangements for membership activities at the Fall Forum.  Dona and Darrel are meeting with the committee on Friday (October 16) to develop an action plan.

Executive Conference - Phil discussed possible locations for the conference which is scheduled for early June.

Special Recognition Award - The format will be changed slightly.  The Governor or someone from the cabinet will be asked to speak.

Strategic Partnerships - Diane Vasarkovy is scheduling a planning session for mid-November.  Jim Andersen will participate.  Diane is asking that any interested persons call her at 438-4780.

New Business - It is time to renew our insurance.  Diane volunteered to help with that.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 a.m.  The next board meeting is scheduled for November 19, at the Urban Onion.

Respectfully submitted Linda Bremer, Secretary.

Leadership Education

To enroll in one or more of the Leadership Education courses contact Barb Conley, Manager of Education and Training Services, Department of Information Services at 438-3091 (SCAN 585-3091).

Courses are conducted in the DIS training center in Lacey by Skills Screening & Consulting.  Future course offerings and dates are:

Course Series 1 Series 2*
1. Leadership Completed Nov 12-13
2. Planning/Program Mgmt Oct 19-20 Dec 10-11
3. Communications Nov 19-20 Jan 20-21
4. Informed Decision Making / Negotiation Dec 8-9 Feb 8-9
5. Interpersonal Skills Jan 13-14 Mar 3-4
6. Human Resource Mgmt / Emp Dev Feb 10-11 Apr 12-13
7. External Environ / Series Summary Mar 12 May 14
* These are revised dates for Series 2

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