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  Information Processing Management Associates February 1993  

February Guest Speaker

Karen Lichtenstein

Our February luncheon guest speaker is Karen Lichtenstein, Director, Information System Services Division, Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS).

Karen was appointed to her position following a nationwide search.  She brings a wide range of leadership experience to the position.  She has held positions as Chief of the Office of Research and Data Analysis, Director of the Social Service Payment System, and Chief of the Data Management Center in the Information System Services Division, DSHS.  Dr. Lichtenstein has a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Washington.

The topic for the February presentation is "Competition vs. Cooperation: Lessons learned in information technology management.:  In the past three years, the Department of Social and Health Services implemented dramatic changes in the methods used to manage information technology.  The changes included implementation of a chargeback system, introduction of a customer service mode, and an increased emphasis on executive level information technology planning.  To learn more about the rewards and the pitfalls in this process, be sure to attend the February 4th IPMA luncheon.

Join Us for Lunch

The January IPMA Luncheon will be:

Date:  February 4, 1993
Time: 12:00 Noon
Location: Urban Onion
Speaker: Karen Lichtenstein
Topic: Competition vs. Cooperation:  Lessons learned in information technology management.

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New DIS Director

George Lindamood of Stamford, Connecticut, was recently appointed Director of the Department of Information Services by Governor Lowery.

Lindamood left his position as Vice President and Director, High Performance Computing, Gartner Group, Inc. to take his new position.  He has worked for the Gartner Group, Inc. since 1987 and is reported to have more than 30 years experience in the computer field studying and forecasting information technology trends.

Memorable Quotes

"The manager administers, the leader innovates.  The manager maintains, the leader develops.  The manager relies on systems, the leader relies on people.  The manager counts on controls, the leader counts on trust.  The manager does things right, the leader does the right thing."

--Fortune Magazine

"Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."

--Abraham Lincoln

"Don't judge those who try and fail.  Judge only those who fail to try."


Membership Drive

If you have not yet completed and sent in your IPMA membership application we hope you will take the time now to do so.  IPMA Membership Committee, Chair Darrel Riffe, says the membership campaign launched in January is off to a good start.  "I'm pleased with the response so far and expect it to pick up during the next couple of months", Riffe predicted.

"When you weight the cost of membership against the many benefits the IPMA offers, it is a good deal", Riffe said.  "We set the membership fee at a reasonable level so that more people can afford to join and take advantage of discounts on IPMA sponsored training and other member privileges", he added.

For more information about IPMA membership contact the IPMA Membership Committee.  Copies of the membership application brochure can be requested by writing:

IPMA Membership Committee
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January Board Meeting

The January 21 meeting of the IPMA was cancelled.  IPMA Chairman of the Board Don Dahl scheduled a work session of the Board for January 27 and 28 to review IPMA By-Laws, Code of Ethics, and committee plans for calendar year 1993.

"There are many changes taking place all around us and we need to re-evaluate our goals and objectives to make sure they are still valid," Dahl said.  "The IPMA plays a major role in the state information technology resource management community.  We may need to adjust our present course to meet the expectations of our members," he added.

"I'm expecting good ideas to come out of our work session and renewed commitment to get things accomplished," Dahl said.

100 Best Companies

Robert Levering and Milton Moskowitz, authors of The 100 Best Companies to Work for in America (1993) report that even though our nation's companies have experienced the trauma of layoffs, employee burnout and the shift of greater financial responsibility for health care costs to employees, some companies have actually gotten better to work for.

The authors point out that improvements in these companies have come about in part due to the "adversity" the companies have experienced in the market place.  The companies have come to realize that the reason they have shoddy products, according to the authors, is because the workplace is shoddy - where employees are abused or ignored.  Authoritarian management has failed, the claim, and it was the root cause of the problems.

Levering and Milton report improvements in five key areas in the 100 best companies:

  • More employee participation

  • More sensitivity to family issues

  • More sharing of the wealth

  • More fun

  • More trust between management and employees

Job Announcement

Quality Assurance Manager

Department of Social and Health Services

The Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) is seeking a Quality Assurance Manager (Information Systems Project Manager 2) for its Automated Client Eligibility System (ACES) project.  The Quality Assurance Manager will be responsible for monitoring and reporting on the status and quality of 90-110 contractor deliverables to the Washington State LEgislature, federal funding agencies and executive management of DSHS.  The Quality Assurance Manager will report to the DSHS Assistant Secretary for Management Services and will direct activities of the ACES quality assurance team.  Salary is 52,056 - 66,636 per year DOQ.

The purpose of the ACES project is to transfer, modify and implement a Family Assistance Management Information System from another state to meet specific needs of DSHS Income Assistance,  Medicaid, Food Stamp and Employment Programs.  The system will support more than 3,000 users in 67 DSHS field offices and headquarters handling 6000,000 cases delivering $1.9 billion annually in cash, food stamp and medical assistance programs.  The new system is expected to cost approximately $72 million for the first five years of implementation and operations.

Candidates interested in applying should contact a local Washington State Department of Personnel officer or call Kathy Edenstrom at (206) 753-3754 to request candidate minimum qualifications, a copy of the job announcement bulletin, test and application form.  Completed applications must be received by the Department of Personnel no later than February 24, 1993.