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  Information Processing Management Associates April 1993  

April Guest Speaker

George Lindamood

Our April luncheon guest speaker is George Lindamood, Director of the Department of Information Services.  Mr. Lindamood will give his impressions of his first seven weeks with Washington State.

Mr. Lindamood's career highlights include:  Director for Market Research and Industry Analysis at Burroughs in Japan; Senior Liaison Scientist for the US National Bureau of Standards in Maryland; Educator at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Hood College, John Hopkins University, and the University of Maryland; and Computer Programmer and Engineer for IBM, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab and the University of Maryland.

This will be an opportunity for many of us to hear Mr. Lindamood for the first time and it is expected to be well attended.  Lunch will be served at noon with Mr. Lindamood speaking from 12:45 to 1:30.  Please arrive no later than 12:40 if you are planning to listen to Mr. Lindamood but not join us for lunch.

Futzing With Your PC

Have you ever wondered if all the office automation we have brought to our organizations is actually increasing worker productivity?  Well, a recent report by SBT Accounting Systems of Sausalito, California, says that personal computer futzing is costing American businesses billions of dollars.  The PC Futz Factor report is the result of a survey conducted by SBT.

According to SBT Accounting Systems, office workers waste approximately 5.1 hours per week futzing with theirr personal computers.

Major time wasters according to SBT are:

  • 19% waiting for programs to run reports to printing;

  • 17% checking printouts for accuracy and format;

  • 14% erasing files from memory;

  • 16% coworkers helping each other use applications; and

  • 12% learning how to use applications.

How does your organization stack up?

From Info World, January 11, 1993
Bob Metcalf,
Are you still futzing around with your PC?

Memorable Quotes

Excellence can be attained if you ...

--Care more than others think is wise.

-- Risk more than others think is safe.

-- Dream more than others think is practical.

-- Expect more than others think is possible.

Author Unknown

Join us for Lunch

The April  IPMA Luncheon will be:

Date:        April 1, 1993
Time:       12:00 Noon
Location: Urban Onion
Speaker:   George Lindamood, Director, Department of Information Svs.
Topic:     Impressions of first seven weeks with Washington State Government

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Membership Committee Chair Darrel Riffe, reported the membership campaign launched in January is exceeding even his expectations.  "We hit 85 members in March and I believe we will reach 100 by summer," Riffe predicted.

For more information about IPMA membership contact the IPMA Membership Committee.  Membership applications can be requested by writing:

IPMA Membership Committee
P.O. Box 915
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March IPMA Board Meeting

The March 18 meeting of the IPMA was called to order by Chair Don Dahl at 7:45 AM.  Approval of minutes was postponed until the April meeting due to members not having received their individual copies and no access to the newsletter.  Board members present were Phil Grigg, John Foulkes, Diane Vasarkoy, Dennis Jones, Linda Bremer, Glenn Medeiros, and Karen Lichtenstein.  Jim Andersen (vacation), Darrel Riffe and Bob Edwards were absent.  It was determined that a quorum was present.

Chairman's report - Don spoke briefly about the Executive Conference changes agreed to by the Board at the meeting on March 11th and reiterated that efforts will be stepped up to attract even more attendees.

Treasurer's report - In Jim Andersen's absence, Don recapped the Treasurer's summary report.  Don is to get copies to Board members.  Approval of reports will be addressed at the next Board meeting in April.

Committee reports:

Budget & Finance - Phil reminded everyone that committee budget plans are due at the next Board meeting.  He handed out templates of the committee budget statements and urged chairs to use the latest financial reports as a start in preparing their spreadsheets.

Membership - There will be a new member reception before July.

Executive Conference - Work continues on completing the program.  Don is making arrangements for a site.  Board members will be contacting other senior information technology heads to encourage them to attend the conference.  Thirty one were signed up as of 3/18.

Strategic Partnerships - Diane will be contacting new members to help with portions of strategic partnerships.  Don will be providing her a membership list.

FORUM '93 - There have been two meetings to develop a theme and a list of potential speakers.  There was discussion on the possibility of obtaining Bill Gates as a keynote speaker.

Human Resources - The committee is wrapping up the specifications for the CISS series.  The major changes reflect newer technologies and data administration.  The challenge now is to have it be meaningful for a large agency with specialists in particular disciplines and meaningful as well for small agencies with generalists.  It will allow for some supervision and is not intended for management roles.  There was further discussion on recruiting problems and on L&I's request to help with an ITM5 position requirement.

Professional Development - The second series is starting.  The committee is looking into offering a half-day seminar following the Fall Forum directed at the entire membership.

Monthly Programs - Glenn has speakers lined up through June.  The access for disabled members and guests was discussed and will be stressed with facilities' managers where IPMA meets.

New Business - At the next meeting Board members will vote on moving Board meetings to the second Monday of every month.  Don read correspondence received from South Puget Sound Community College on Career Day April 21st.  Jim Andersen will represent IPMA and would appreciate volunteers.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 AM.  The next Board meeting is scheduled for April 15 at the Urban Onion.  Respectfully submitted, Linda Bremer, Secretary.

Process Re-Engineering:  Boon or Bust?

Though it is seen by many as the only way America can compete in world markets, there is a down side to increasing worker productivity through re-engineering work processes.  It is estimated by some that re-engineering may wipe out millions of jobs especially in service industries.

Look for more on this in the May IPMA News.