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  Information Processing Management Associates January 1994  

IPMA Board of Directors

Seasons Greetings

January Luncheon
Special Recognition Awards

Each year IPMA members select a recipient of the IPMA Special Recognition Award. Recipients of the award are chosen for their accomplishments in advancing the ideals of the information technology management profession.

This years award will be presented by Len McComb, Chair of the Information Services Board (ISB), at the January 6 luncheon meeting. Following the awards ceremony Mr. McComb will discuss the directions of Washington State information technology from the perspective of the ISB.

Following Mr. McComb’s presentation the Board of Directors will pay tribute to Board members whose terms of office will end December 31.

Remember, the January 6 luncheon meeting will be in the Tyee Hotel, Makah room.

--Glenn Medeiros

Holiday Message

During the Holiday Season more than ever, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible.

It is in this spirit that we say simply but sincerely...Thank you and Best Wishes for the Holiday Season.

The IPMA Board of Directors

Join Us For Lunch

The January IPMA Luncheon will be:

Date: January 6, 1994
Time: 12:00 Noon
Location: Tyee Hotel, Makah Room
Speaker: Len McComb, Chair
Information Services Bd
Topic: ISB Perspectives On IT

Board Meeting

The December 13 meeting of the IPMA Board was called to order by Chairman Don Dahl at 7:35 am. Members present were Don Dahl, Bob Edwards, Darrel Rife, Jim Andersen, Phil Grigg, Glenn Medeiros, Kathy Marston and Joe Coogan. Don introduced Greg Squires who was present to report on the recommendations of the Special Recognition Committee.

Approval of minutes--The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Chairman’s report--Chairman Don Dahl read a letter of resignation from IPMA that he'd received from Diane Vasarkovy. Don then read the list of candidates for the election ballot for the 1994 Board. Seven positions are up for election. The ballots will be out before the end of December.

Treasurer’s report--Treasurer Jim Andersen distributed and discussed current activity and year to date status reports. He mentioned that the new Board would have to make some quick decisions concerning the IRS filing.

Committee Reports

Budget & Finance--Chairman Phil Grigg reported that the budget was being loaded into the accounting system.

Monthly Programs--Chairman Glenn Medeiros reported that he has the Tyee reserved through March for monthly luncheons. He asked if there should be a speaker for the time remaining from the Special Recognition Awards program. Jim said that Len McComb was scheduled to give out the awards and that a speaker was probably not necessary.

Professional Development--Chairman Bob Edwards reported that the classes were getting excellent evaluations but not filling up enough to break even. The consensus was that timing was bad as most agencies are not spending money on training right now. The last classes are to end in March. Darrel suggested that the program needs to be kept in tact so when funds are available it can be offered again.

Executive Conference--Don said that there is no one in charge of or working on the conference. There is tentative reservation at the Tacoma Sheraton.

FOR UM--Jim distributed a financial summary report and reported that there was approximately $80 in outstanding expenditures remaining.

Membership--Joe Coogan proposed renting space in Bob Payne’s office for IPMA mail and a file cabinet. The Board had a few questions to be resolved before approval. Joe also proposed setting up a voice mailbox and getting a calling card for use in IPMA business. The Board approved a 6 month trial. Joe said he planned to survey members to see what their interests are. He reported contacting several local businesses about giving discounts to members. It was agreed that this should be pursued.

Old Business--Greg Squires reported the findings of the Special Recognition Committee. There were six candidates nominated.

New Business--Don said there would need to be a planning session for the new Board after the election. Jim said he would order plaques for the outgoing Board members.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10a.m. Respectfully submitted, Kathy Marston, Secretary.

Job-Quality Gap

According to labor economist James Medoff of Harvard, women are faring better than men when it comes to retaining their jobs. Medoff says that unemployment for women has consistently been lower than unemployment for males during the ‘90s.

Medoff says more women may be keeping their jobs largely because they cost employers less. When comparing hourly wages and benefits Medoff found that women were at about 85% of what men make in the 46 occupations in 40 industries studied according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics (June 93).

Even though downsizing will likely continue, Medoff feels that women will be protected somewhat because of their relatively low cost. So, it seems, the glass ceiling that holds women down may allow them to retain their jobs.

We have a shining example, it appears, in our U.S. Congress. ‘While women hold 60 percent of the congressional jobs, men dominate the high-paying, power positions. Women tend to be relegated to clerical and support staff."

--N. A. "Butch" Stussy

Adapted from Working Woman 9/93 & GNS 12/19/93

They Walked Away With Many Prizes

FORUM 93 was an even bigger hit for some of our attendees. See what they won from Egghead Software, one of the many vendors displaying their wares at the technology show.

Mike Giovanni Norton PC Anywhere
Marsha Bayness Proxy
Cheri Howe Norton Commander
Edward Lamson Corel Draw
Ron Drvet Filemaker Pro
Steven Holmes Central Point Back Up
Ferdiand Ang Central Point Back Up
Harold Thomas Take Note/Bottenware
Patty O’Neill Central Point Mac Tools
Robert Press PC File
Barb Conley Borland/Q-Pro
Chris Irey Lotus Ami-Pro
Keith Tepleton Norton Backup
Randy Sanford Windows for Workgroups
Michelle Montgomery Norton PC Anywhere
Eric Lindberg MS DOS 6.0
Kim Zangar MS Publisher
Anna S. Jones Framemaker
Ken Lisle Norton Essentials Powerb
Randall Yele C.P. Anti Virus
Matt Althauser Stacker for the MAC
Michael Harter Quattro Pro
George Smith C.P. PC Tools
Jan Jacquet C.P. Anti Virus 1.4
Roy Manicke OS/2
Solveig Buhler C.P. PC Tools
Dave Daniels Prize not listed
Eric Koogh Prize not listed
Dan Paulsen Prize not listed

Memorable Quote

"You see change, and you say, "Why?" But I dream things that never were, and I say, "Why not?" --George Bernard Shaw

Items For Sale

The Department of Retirement Systems has the following items for sale:

• 7 Memorex/Telex 274-C2 32 port cluster controllers

• 1 IBM 3274-4 IC 32 port cluster controller

For price and other details about these items please contact Greg Squires at (206) 753- 2220 / SCAN 234-2220.

New Members

Please join the Board in welcoming our newest members:

Nick Murphy
Roy Manicke

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