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  Information Processing Management Associates January 1996  

Edited By Mary Ellen Bradley

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Election Results

Board election results are in!!

Re-elected to the Board were: Phil Coates, Phil Grigg, Alvin Bloomberg, and Joe Coogan. Bob Monn is the lone newcomer to the Board.

Alvin Bloomberg joined the Department of Natural Resources as Manager of Information Technology in July 1994.He has 25 plus years of experience in information technology. His experience includes 8 years in the banking industry and 18 years withBP Exploration (BPX). His focus while at DNR has been in creating an infrastructure to support a client/server environment and to enter into partnerships with other agencies on sharing resources and information. It is throughparticipation in the IPMA that Alvin hopes to facilitate his activities with other agencies.

Bob Monn has been the Department of Ecology's Information Services (IS) Manager for the past five years. As IS Manager, Bob has been a leader in bringing anagencywide approach to IS. Most recently he helped launch an information engineering program designed to integrate information across Ecology's 10 major environmental programs. He also is leading Ecology's efforts to increase public access to the agency'sinformation via the Internet. Bob hopes as a new Board member to foster strategic partnerships among agencies and promote the professional development of members.

Phil Coates has been in the Information Technology business with the state for 28 years. He iscurrently the IS Manager for the Department of Fish and Wildlife. He was in the IPMA in the late 1980's serving as Fall Forum chair for three years. He chose to get involved in the IPMA again in 1994. feels the activities sponsored by the IPMA are important to the development of IT managers working their way into leadership positions. He was the Monthly Program Chair in 1994 and is currently serving as Treasurer.

Phil Grigg is the IS Manager for the Department of General Administration. He has a strong interest in client/server and the implementation of other new technologies. He has served as IPMA Chair, Secretary, and Vice Chair. He .has also served onthe IPMA Executive Seminar, Fall Forum and Annual Meeting committees. Prior to hisemployment with the state, Phil worked as a systems consultant in the private sector. As a continuing Board member, Phil hopes to create an array ofopportunities for professional development within the state IT community.

Joe Coogan is a consultant for the Department of Information Services, responsible for conducting acquisitions, includingmajor contract negotiations, for customers of the Department of Information ServicesComputer Services Division. Joe has worked for the state for over 26 years. Joe has been very active with the IPMA and served as Chair the Board of Directors this year. Joeis enthusiastic about the changes recently implemented by the IPMA and looks forward another term on the Board.

--Mary Ellen Bradley

December Board Meeting

Members Present: Joe Coogan, Phil Grigg, Jim Andersen, Darrei Rifle, Mary Ellen Bradley, Shelagh Taylor, Dennis Laine, Bob Marlatt, Alvin Bloomberg, Phil Coates. Absent: George Lindamood.

The Board Meeting was opened by Joe Coogan at 7:30 a.m. December 14, 1995.

Phil Grigg asked for approval, of the Board November meeting minutes and they were approved;

The following reports were made:

Treasurer--Phil Coates presented the Expense and Budget Status Report. The past month was a heavy expenditure month for IPMA. Most revenue and expenditures were Forum '95 related.

Budget/Finance--Bob Marlatt stated business planning and budgeting would be discussed at January's Board planning session. Bob also stated that the IPMA Board elections have been completed and the final results will be announced the week of December 18th.

Forum '95--Jim Andersen reported that all Forum '95 expenditures have been made. Retained earnings from Forum '95 will be used to fund activities such as training workshops. Jim mentioned that he has obtained information from Gopal Kapur for possible future workshops.

1996 Executive Seminar--Darrel Riffe reported that the committee had no new information of potential sites for the 1996 Executive Seminar.

Membership--Shelagh Taylor reported that the committee developed a survey that will be sent to IPMA members. The survey will be distributed with the January, 1996, IPMA News.

Newsletter--Mary Ellen Bradley reported that she is looking for articles andinformational items to include in the IPMA News. Members interested in submitting items should call her at 902-2303.

Professional Development--Dennis Laine reported that the luncheon with Steve Kolodney was a success. Approximately116 people attended to hear Steve's plans for DIS.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 a.m.

--Phil Grigg

Memorable Quotes

A wise man will be Master of His Mind
A Fool will be Its Slave

--Publilius Syrus

"The important thing is not where you were or where you are but where you want to get."

--David J. Schwartz

Looking Back on '95

1995 was a great year for the IPMA!

We can be very proud of our many accomplishments. My thanks go out to the various IPMA standing committees and members who made 1995 a successful year. You would never know the IPMA is an all volunteer outfit by the long hours the committees devoted to their programs. We wereoptimistic about our ability to put on better programs than 1994, and we did it.

Executive Seminar '95 at Ocean Shores received rave reviews from those who attended. The mix and caliber of speakers was outstanding. The topics and sequence of presentations, global to specific, kept participants involved. The icing on the cake was the accommodations and food. Everything about the three days was "better than ever."

We broke the cycle from first Thursday of the month luncheon meetings to quarterly events. It was risky, but the IPMA Boardwanted to try it in order to give our members an in-depth exposure to topics important to them. Topics ranged from relational databases, pros and cons of installing Windows 95, and a presentation by Steve Kolodney, newly appointed DIS Director. They all were rated high by attendees and are counted among our successes in '95.

Forum-'95 was our hallmark event. More than 1000 people attended the two-day event to listen to excellent speakers and visit with the many vendors and corporate sponsors displaying their wares. 'Better than ever!"; "Keep it up!", Well worth the two days!" were typical comments about the event.

Jaime Arthur of Lacey, Washington, was the recipient of the annual IPMA scholarship award. Jamie is a graduating senior of the New MarketVocational Skills Center and is planning a career in computer programming. IPMA also gave New Market Skills Center a $2000 grant to purchase software and textbooks for the Computer Programming/Data Processing class.

I am sure you will agree with me that the IPMA had a great year in 1995 and will continue to play a vital role in providing our members opportunities to increase their knowledge and skills.

If you have a topic or guest speaker that you would like the IPMA Board to consider in 1996, send us a note at ipma@wln.com or leave a voice message on the IPMA "hotline' at 786-1979.

--Joe Coogan, Chair
Board of Directors

Changes at DIS

Steve Kolodney, DIS Director, recently announced DIS will not pursue not-for-profit corporation status. In addition, subject to Legislative approval, the PRDproject oversight function will be transferred to OFM. DIS will retain statewide strategic planning and policy development for information technology and staff the ISB.

"I believe these organizational shifts strengthen DIS and position us to provide leadership in information technology to Washington State," Kolodney said.

IPMA, P.O. Box 1943, Olympia, WA 98507-1943