IPMA News -- June 2001

Edited By Bob Monn and Shelagh Taylor

IPMA's 2001 Professional Development Series

Other News:
-- DIS Director Steve Kolodney Leaves Washington for American Management Systems, Inc.
-- DIS CAB and IPMA Recognize Steve Kolodney
-- Advertising on Government Web Sites
-- Study of Legislative Web Sites

May 10, 2001 IPMA Board Meeting

IPMA's 2001 Professional Development Series

--by Sheryl Hall

The IPMA is planning its 2001 Professional Development agenda. Our thinking is to provide seminars on June28th, August 30th and October 25th of this year, and then do a program evaluation before kicking off new seminars in January 2002.

Currently we have an "Earthquake Lessons Learned" panel discussion scheduled for June 28th. Topics for August and October are stillbeing reviewed.  All events will be scheduled at the following standard place and time:

Place: Saint Martin's College, Lacey WA
Time: 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon

At least these first three events will be free of charge; light refreshments will beserved and registration will be on a first come / first served basis. We’ll see how this works out. We’ll ask participants to evaluate the seminar and suggest improvements and topics for future events.

Following is a more detailed description of our first offering.


The first in the series:

Disaster Preparedness – Lessons Learned from the February 2001 Earthquake

Thursday, June 28, 2001

Join your colleagues for a panel discussion of the lesson’s learned and risk mitigationideas from the February Earthquake. Topics include:

Panel members will include:

Professional Development co-chairs are Dennis Jones (OFM) and Sheryl A. Hall (DRS).

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Other News

--Compiled by Bob Monn

DIS Director Steve Kolodney Leaves Washington for American Management Systems, Inc.

In a May 7, 2001 news release, American Management Systems, Inc. announced that Steve Kolodney, director of the Washington State Department of Information Services (DIS), would join the company to lead its digital public sector initiatives.

"Steve is a true luminary in the evolution of eGovernment in states and brings to AMS a unique blend of vision and results," said Donna Morea, executive vice president and general manager of AMS' State & Local Solutions group. "Coming as he does straight from state government, he brings special experience and insight to our clients' worlds, goals and desires."

Kolodney became the Washington State DIS director in 1995. Governing magazine named Kolodney as one of its 2000 Public Officials of the Year, citing Washington for the "finest information technology system in any state government in America." In 1999, Federal Computer Week named Kolodney one of the 100 executives in the nation from industry, government and academia who had the greatest impact on the government systems community.

"Joining AMS after serving the state of Washington is an exciting step for me," said Kolodney. "Like Washington, AMS is distinguished by its commitment to digital government that transforms bureaucratic processes and puts citizens in charge of their relationship with government. I am delighted to join the team."

DIS received national and international acknowledgments while under Kolodney's leadership, including: the "Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Information Technology" award from the National Association of State Information Resource Executives (NASIRE); the "2000 Digital State Award" from the Washington D.C.-based Progress and Freedom Foundation, Center for Digital Government and Government Technology Magazine; and the "2000 State and Local 50" award from civic.com Magazine.

Kolodney received a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of California at Berkeley.

In the state and local public sector marketplace, AMS has a client base that includes 47 states and provinces, seven of the ten largest cities in the United States, and hundreds of counties and school districts nationwide. AMS also provides solutions for all key Department of Defense agencies and over 90 percent of Federal civilian agencies. Overall, AMS' public sector revenues in 2000 were $680.8 million.

American Management Systems (AMS), founded in 1970, is an international business and information technology consulting firm with 2000 revenues of $1.28 billion. AMS is headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, and has approximately 8,750 employees in 51 offices worldwide.

Also see Governor Locke's related news release.

photo of Jim Albert presenting a plaque to Steve Kolodney

DIS CAB and IPMA Recognize Steve Kolodney

On the eve on Steve Kolodney's departure from the Department of Information Services to join AMS, Inc. (see above story), the Customer Advisory Board and IPMA recognized Steve's numerous contributions to the state IT community in a celebration at the May 21 Customer Advisory Board meeting. Doug Tanabe, Department of Personnel, spoke on behalf of CAB and Jim Albert, Attorney General's Office, presented a plaque to Steve.

Advertising on Government Web Sites

An article in the May 2001 issue of State & Local Government Computer News explored trends and issues in advertising on government web sites. See State,cities test Web advertising waters and States beware when posting Web ads.

Study of Legislative Web Sites

The May 2001 issue of State & Local Government Computer News also reported on a recently completed study of State legislative web sties by OMB Watch, a Washington, D.C. non-profit organization. As stated in the Introduction of the OMB Watch report,

Rather than create a best and worst list of states, our intent is to provide a useful beginning framework and baseline for each state to measure, evaluate, and assess its online efforts. It is our hope that this assessment will also help the public to identify and assess the online legislative resources for their state, the functionality of those resources, promising practices that can serve to inform better design and better use of these important online resources.

For the complete report, see OMB Watch's Plugged In, Tuning Up: An Assessment of State Legislative Websites (Link no longer available).

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May 10, 2001 IPMA Board Meeting

Members Present: Jim Albert, Mary Ellen Bradley, Phil Grigg, SherylHall, Dennis Jones, Dennis Laine, Mike McVicker, Bob Monn, Darrel Riffe, DougTanabe and Shelagh Taylor

Mary Ellen Bradley, IPMA Chair, opened the May meeting of the IPMA Board of Directors at 7:34 a.m.


Secretary/Treasurer: The minutes from the April 2001 Board meetingwere approved.

The April financial reports were not available for distribution. A combined April/May financial report will bepresented at the June meeting for board approval.

Business Planning: The investment portfolio report from MerrillLynch was not available in time for the meeting. Doug Tanabe will distribute itto the board when he receives it from the Merrill Lynch account representative.

Phil Coates distributed a draftof information to clarify the financial section of the 2000 annual report whichis posted on the IPMA web site. The board approved the proposed language anddirected Bob Monn to make the necessary changes to the web page.

Executive Seminar: Phil Grigg reported that progress toward the2001 Executive Seminar at Skamania Lodge is on schedule.

Phil indicated to the board thata decision was needed regarding the location of the 2002 Executive Seminar. Thechoices were the Quinault Ocean Resort or the Shilo Inn both at Ocean Shores, orCampbell’s Resort on Lake Chelan. After considering the options the boarddecided on Campbell’s Resort contingent on the availability of space during thetraditional time frame.

Forum: Jim Albert reported that "all systems are go" for Forum 2001.There will be 21 Corporate Sponsor booths and 44 Vendor booths. Compaq andMicrosoft have agreed to donate $1,000 each to help defray the $4,300 cost ofthe distribution of the 5x8 inch notebooks to registered attendees. Thenotebooks celebrate the state’s designation as "National Digital State" for thethird consecutive year. Jim distributed a draft of the Forum brochure for finalreview by the board.

Sam Reed, the Secretary ofState, will be the featured speaker at the Monday, May 21st Executive Luncheon, which is also being held at the Worthington Center.

Professional Development: Sheryl Hall reported that the committeehas met and are moving forward. A contract with St. Martin’s for use of theWorthington Center for various Professional Development activities is beingnegotiated and dates through 2004 are being reserved.

The first event will be June 28, 2001, from 9 a.m. till noon. The subject will be "Disaster RecoveryPreparedness - Lessons Learned from the February 28, 2001, Earthquake."

Panelists will be from: DIS, OFM, DRS, Qwest and the Gartner Group

Communications: Bob Monn reported that it is becoming more difficult to obtain articles for the newsletter and requested help from the rest of the board.Articles need to be submitted by the last week of the month to make it into thenext scheduled newsletter.


Plaques for Board Members: Mary Ellen asked if the board wished tocontinue the practice of giving commemorative plaques to board members who complete a term in office. The boarddecided to continue the practice so Mary Ellen will have the necessary plaquesmade for those whose term ended in 2000.

SPSCC Student Union Dedication: Dennis Laine attended the April 19, 2001 dedication on behalf of the board. Hewas one of about 25 ribbon cutters in the opening ceremony. He said that he wassought out by the Dean of the college and was thanked for the IPMA’s $25,000contribution.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 a.m.

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