IPMA News -- December 2001

Edited By Bob Monn and Shelagh Taylor

IPMA Board Election Results

Changes at DIS

Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) Brown Bag Lunch

Other News:
-- Best Practices for Disaster Recovery
-- Security and Disaster Recovery Planning
-- Portfolio Management

November 8, 2001 IPMA Board Meeting

IPMA Board Election Results

-- Dennis Jones, Chair, 2001 IPMA Election Committee

The IPMA is pleased to announce the results of the annual election for the Board of Directors.  Four of the twelve Board positions were up for election this year.  The following IPMA members were elected to three year terms, beginning January 1, 2002.

Here is a recap of the election process:

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Changes at DIS

-- Shelagh Taylor

In late November two senior Department of Information Services (DIS) staff announced they will be leaving the agency:

On December 6, Gary Robinson, Acting Director of DIS, announced that "Joyce Turner, who currently serves as an Executive Policy Analyst at the Office of Financial Management, will be joining DIS as Acting Deputy Director. Joyce has 15 years experience in state government, and served Governors Gardner and Lowry as Director of Government Operations. Before joining OFM, she was Governor Locke's Special Assistant for Management Services. Joyce has worked as a consultant in the private sector, and brings extensive vision, leadership and management skills to DIS. Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Joyce as we assist her with a quick transition into this new and dynamic position."

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Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) Brown Bag Lunch

On December 12 the local chapter of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) will be having a brown bag lunch and networking session with a guest speaker from Intel on computer incident handling. This presentation should be of interest to anyone who wants tomake sure their organization responds promptly and effectively to computersecurity incidents. See announcement for more information.

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Other News

--Compiled by Bob Monn and Shelagh Taylor

Best Practices for Disaster Recovery

The December 1 issue of CIO magazine included an article outlining Nasdaq'sBest Practices for disaster recovery; see Nasdaq Lessons Learned from Sept. 11.

Security and Disaster Recovery Planning

The November 26, 2001 issue of Network World magazine featured a series ofarticles on security and disaster recovery planning as a follow-up to theSeptember 11 World Trade Center attack. The series also includes an articleon the terrorists' use of technology and methods used to counter it. Seethe full series.

Portfolio Management

The October 1 issue of CIO magazine included an article on portfoliomanagement. See the article to find our what Schlumberger and the State of Washington have in common.

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November 8, 2001 IPMA Board Meeting

Members Present: Jim Albert, Mary EllenBradley, Thomas Bynum, Sheryl Hall, Dennis Jones, Dennis Laine, Mike McVicker,Bob Monn, Darrel Riffe, Doug Tanabe and Shelagh Taylor.

Mary Ellen Bradley, IPMA Chair, opened the November 2001 meeting of the IPMA Boardof Directors at 7:30 a.m.


Secretary/Treasurer: The minutes from the October 11, 2001 Board meeting were approved.

Thomas Bynum presented the October 2001 financial status and activities reports. TheBoard approved the reports.

Business Planning: Doug Tanabe distributed the Merrill Lynch monthly portfolio status report.

Organizational Business – Proposed Changes in By‑Laws Regarding Membership and Board ElectionProcedures: The current procedure: The chair appoints anominating committee to recruit members of the IT community to run for the fourboard member positions that are up for election. It has been a matter of policyto have at least one more candidate than the number of positions to be filled.The ballots are mailed to all registered IPMA associate members to be completedand returned. The four candidates with the greatest number of votes aredeclared the winners and the candidate with the fifth most votes is designatedas first alternate in the event that one of the board members does not completehis/her term.

The problem with the current procedure:It is getting progressively more difficult to recruit qualified members of theIT community to run for the board of directors.

In an effort to address this problem with the board election process, Darrel Riffepresented two alternative modifications to the IPMA By-Laws. The first wouldretain associate memberships but have the eight board members not up forre-election vote for four of the candidates presented by the nominatingcommittee. The second option would abolish associate membership in addition tothe provisions of the first option. After considerable discussion the boardvoted not to enact either alternative.

During the discussion Bob Monn presented a third alternative that would not require achange to the By-Laws. The essence of the proposal was to give associatemembers an opportunity to express an interest in running for the position onthe Board. The nominating committee would review the applications and submit anappropriate number of candidates to the associate membership for a vote. If anapplicant were not included on the ballot, the nominating committee wouldcontact that person and explain why their name wasn’t put forward and alsoexplain that if they wished, their name would be added as an additionalcandidate to the ballot. A motion was made and passed unanimously to adopt that procedurefor board member elections. To that end Dennis Jones, a member of this year’snominating committee, would work with Bob Monn to get an e-mail message out toall associate members soliciting interest in running for the 2002 IPMA Board ofDirectors. The actual number of names on the ballot will be at the discretionof the nominating committee. If there are more vacancies than membersexpressing interest, the committee will revert to active recruiting.

An item that was in both of the proposals presented by Darrel Riffe was to removeArticle VII, Section 6, which prohibits proxy voting by board members. A motionwas made to enact this change to the By-Laws. The motion was seconded andpassed unanimously.

Executive Seminar: Darrel Riffe reported thatplanning is beginning for next year’s Executive Seminar at Campbell’s Resort onLake Chelan. For the next couple of months the Skamania Lodge is being held asan open option in the event that something about Campbell’s doesn’t work out.Skamania then will be notified that the IPMA will not be returning in 2002 butmay return in 2003.

Forum: Dennis Laine reported thatthe planning committee met on October 24 and concluded:

Professional Development: Sheryl Hall reported that she and Dennis Jones havebegun planning the 2002 Professional Development calendar of events. TheJanuary 23rd event will be held in a larger room than was used inOctober. There is an issue yet to be resolved with the Worthington Centerregarding the chairs and whether they can be separated to provide morecomfortable seating. Another issue has to do with trouble determining how manypeople who have signed up for a session actually will attend.

Jim Albert mentioned that there was a huge demand for Project Management type seminars, networking,training, etc.  There was a discussionof the possibility of establishing a Project Management Special Interest Group(SIG) under the IPMA organizational umbrella. Mike McVicker, Thomas Bynum, JimAlbert and Dennis Jones agreed to be on a committee to research it further.

Communications: Shelagh Taylor presented a draft code of conduct for IPMA CorporateSponsors and Vendor Partners as follows:

The IPMA, through its corporate sponsorship program, offers an excellent opportunity for informationtechnology companies to play a leadership role in IPMA events. The IPMA is theonly local professional IT organization that has a focus on Washington stateand local government. The corporate sponsorship program promotes a partnershipwith the IPMA to encourage growth in the IT professional through: managementdevelopment, exposure to state-of-the-art IT products and services, andeducational and training events featuring current IT issues and directions.

Guidelines for Presenters:

New Business:

Annual Planning Retreat: Shelagh Taylor alerted the board to the fact thatit was time to start making arrangements for the annual planning retreat. DougTanabe, as Vice-Chair, will begin that process and be prepared to discuss it atthe December board meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 a.m.

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