IPMA News : October 2002

Edited By Mary Ellen Bradley and Bob Monn

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Summary of the October 2-4, 2002 IPMA Executive Summit

Government Technology’s "Best of State and Local Government IT"

News from the Past

Summary of September 12, 2002 IPMA Board Meeting

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Government Technology’s "Best of State and Local Government IT"

-- By Mary Ellen Bradley, IPMA News Co-Editor

Government Technology’s Supplement to the October issue recognized the best government technological innovations and developments.  The Center for Digital Government’s Digital State program reviewed over 1,500 technology projects for the Best of Breed program and nearly 300 state and local governments entered the Best of the Web Contest.

Articles in this issue include:

In the last article cited above, Government Technology reports that Washington State tied with Pennsylvania for third place in the Best of the Web for state portals. They stated that it is very difficult to choose winners because the overall quality of entries is excellent. Access Washington is described as a mature portal that continues to increase its online services and refine its features.

Washington's Digital Government Applications Academy was cited as a Best of Breed leader in e-Commerce and Business Regulation along with Kansas, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

You can read more about the "Best of State and Local Government IT" at http://www.govtech.net/magazine/supplement.phtml?magid=1505000000000036&issue=10:2002

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News from the Past

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Summary of September 12, 2002 IPMA Board Meeting

Members Present: Thomas Bynum, Phil Grigg, Sheryl Hall, Dennis Jones, Dennis Laine, Mike McVicker, Bob Monn, Darrel Riffe, Doug Tanabe and Shelagh Taylor. Phil Coates, CFO and Jim Andersen, Forum Events Manager, were also present.

Doug Tanabe, IPMA Chair, opened the September 2002 meeting of the IPMA Board of Directors at 7:35 a.m.


Secretary/Treasurer: The minutes from the July 2002 Board meeting were approved.

The Board approved the July/August 2002 financial status and activities reports.

New credit cards were distributed to applicable board members.

Business Planning: Mike McVicker reported that about the only thing in the Merrill Lynch account that was producing income was the money market account.

Executive Summit 2002: Phil Grigg reported that currently 86 people will be attending the Summit. Of those, 62 are state employees. Eleven of the state employees are speakers, of which four are agency directors.  Thirty-three state agencies are represented and 24 Corporate Sponsors have registered. The Summit is to be a working session which will produce an action plan as its output product. A representative from the Gartner Group will facilitate the interactive sessions. So far, 35 people have signed up for the bus which will leave Hawk’s Prairie at 7:00 a.m. sharp. Since Phil and Darrel are going over to Campbell’s a day early, Phil asked that board members taking the bus ensure that appropriate introductions are made and all goes smoothly on the trip over.

Phil expressed his and Darrel’s appreciation to board members Dennis Jones, Doug Tanabe, Shelagh Taylor and Thomas Bynum for their assistance in developing the program and arranging speakers and schedules.

Forum 2003: Jim Andersen reported on the progress for Forum 2003 and identified several issues for board consideration.

  1. All 24 corporate sponsors have paid their fees.

  2. The Forum 2003 kickoff meeting is scheduled for September 24th, at noon, at Saint Martin's.

  3. Floor layout: The proposed layout includes shifting around the current corporate sponsors area to make space for two additional vendors booths.

  4. Catering Service: Contact has been made with Occasions and Saint Martin's about providing food service at Forum 2003 since there was some dissatisfaction with the food service at Forum 2002.

  5. Jim made the following proposal covering the collection of advanced payments from Vendors and Corporate Sponsors.

    Vendor payments: May begin being received after October 1st. This provides October to April (7 months) to sell booths and be done in April. This year, booths were sold out prior to April 20th. This provides more time to focus on the Forum brochure ‑ both content and timing.

    Corporate Sponsors payments: May begin being received after January 1st. Anything we can do to get the money in before July 1st would be a help.

    The proposal was approved by the board.

  6. Pre‑approval of corporate sponsors: The IPMA Board may want to provide guidance in the selecting of sponsors. Is first‑in, first‑signed‑up the best approach? Should the IPMA invite companies to participate as sponsors, i.e. by invitation only. This is an issue when the days are good and vendors are knocking at the door. It was determined that this would be an issue to be discussed at the annual board retreat.

  7. Executive Lunch: Jim asked the board if the Executive Lunch should remain scheduled the day before Forum, or at another time as a separate event?

    The board decided that the annual Executive Lunch would continue to be affiliated with the Forum. However, rather than scheduling it the day before, or after the Forum, it will be scheduled on Wednesday or Thursday of the week prior to the Forum. Those would be the days of the week when the targeted audience would be more likely to attend such an event. In addition, it will provide a good opportunity to promote the Forum to the people who can influence attendance.

  8. Forum show decorator: Have had preliminary discussions with Seattle based GES, which has provided our service in previous years. We are on their schedule for the Forum dates for next year and are working on a way to reduce booth costs for electrical setups.

    Regarding the option of using local decorator services ‑ still trying to find a carpet provider who would be able to rent and install about 10,000 square feet of carpet. NW Decorators has shown prior interest in providing display booths. Electrical setup is another issue. The local electrician, who does Lakefair, has been contacted but thus far hasn’t returned the calls.

Professional Development: Dennis Jones reported that the Aug. 21st seminar on Enterprise Architecture was well received by the 52 individuals who attended. He reported that the ongoing problem of "no shows" continues to plague the program. There were in excess of 85 people registered for this event, plus a waiting list. The board discussed potential solutions to this problem that ranged from trying to find out if some people are chronic "no shows," to charging a fee for the seminars. Dennis indicated that prior to the annual board planning retreat he and Sheryl would analyze the data they have and see if it provides any direction.

Sheryl reported that the final event of the year, the October 16th seminar on Web Services, is on track and is receiving quite a bit of early interest.

Communications: Bob Monn reported that the September issue of the IPMA News became available on the eleventh. The articles queue is empty and he stated that Mary Ellen Bradley needs material for the October issue.

Bob has been working with the Professional Development group on ways to address the "no shows" problem. Among other things they sent out e-mail reminders to all those who were registered to attend the event.

Bob reported that the modifications to the IPMA web site to accommodate the Project Management SIG have been completed. As a part of that, it has been set up to accommodate other SIGs in the future, if the board should choose to do so.

New Business: None

The meeting was adjourned at 8:46 a.m.

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