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Labor and Industries begins web improvement project

DSHS IT Projects Receive Recognition

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Summary of December 12, 2002 IPMA Board Meeting

Labor and Industries begins web improvement project

-- by Renee Guillierie, Department of Labor and Industries

"Make it easier for people to use our web site."  With this mandate from Director Gary Moore, the Washington Department of Labor and Industries last year began an intensive effort to completely revamp its web site based on customersí needs.  Using an iterative cycle of testing the web site with customers and fixing the problems they encounter, the agency aims to make sure its web users can:

L&I embarked on this project after a recent study of one portion of the web site indicated that up to 75 percent of the people visiting the site couldnít find what they were looking for.  L&I staff suspect this is true of most of the L&I web site, based on anecdotal customer comments received in recent months.  Analysts believe that these are some of the major reasons why customers are having difficulty:

Major components of L&Iís web improvement plan include:

L&Iís ultimate goals for this project are to:

The Washington State Department of Information Services (DIS) collaborated with L&I on the selection of the web usability experts and will be conducting a usability review of the Access Washington web site.  The two agencies intend to share the results of their projects with other state and local agencies, supporting the principle of the enterprise approach to digital government.

For more information about this project, contact Renee Guillierie at Guir235@LNI.wa.gov. You also can check out L&Iís web site at http://www.lni.wa.gov/

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DSHS IT Projects Receive Recognition

-- by DSHS and ISSD Communications Staff

Two Department of Social and Health Services projects recently received recognition for their innovated use of technology to help parents, businesses, senior citizens, the blind and the disabled.

The Washington State Combined Application Program (WASHCAP), a joint effort of the DSHS Department of Social and Health Services, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Social Security Administration, received the 2002 Digital Government-to-Government award from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO).  The WASHCAP program was honored for the creative and cost effective way it uses technology to combine the application process for federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and stateís Basic Food benefits.

"WASHCAP eliminates a requirement that SSI applicants also go to a DSHS Community Services Office to obtain Basic Food, the stateís food assistance program," said Roxie Schalliol, who heads DSHSís Division of Employment and Assistance Programs. "By removing that possible barrier we hoped to increase the number of SSI recipients who get food assistance."

Carmen Maria Keller, regional Social Security Administration commissioner, said, "WASHCAP is an excellent example of good stewardship of public funds and improved service to the public coming together nicely."

WASHCAP accomplishes these goals through an interactive web site, expanded telephone services and an automated interface between the Social Security Administration and Department of Social and Health Servicesí computer systems that allows for an automated combined application.

Another DSHS project is one of three finalists for the Washington Software Alliance (WSA), 2003 Industry Achievement Award for its pioneering work to allow employers and individuals to pay child support electronically through a secure Web site. The winner of the award will be announced on Feb. 5, 2003, at the 8th Annual Industry Achievement Awards dinner and awards ceremony in Seattle.

Developed for employers who pay child support for their employees, as well as for parents, the Child Support Internet Payment Service (CSIPS) is administered by the Division of Child Support (DCS) and is available statewide. The interactive site provides a secure and convenient way to make child support payments online by Electronic Funds Transfer.

"This web site is another step towards paperless transactions in processing child support payments," said DSHS Secretary Dennis Braddock. "We are always looking for ways to expedite the process and make it less costly, and easier for our customers."

On average, DCS collects some $60 million in child support each month in the form of about 250,000 payments. More than 180,000, or around 75 percent of the payments, are checks sent by regular mail.

The Web site was launched in August 2001, and received four payments totaling $885 during the first month of operation. During November 2002, nearly 1,500 payments were received through the site, representing over $660,000. Since its inception, almost 12,000 payments have been made on 2,400 cases, for a total of $5.3 million in child support.

Christy Ridout, DSHS Chief Information Office, is pleased with the work accomplished by the department.  "These projects are examples of e-Government work at its best.  By working together, staff from across divisions, agencies and levels of government have taken old ways of doing business and made them easier using appropriate technology.  The projects were well conceived and executed and have resulted in new processes that save DSHS and the public time and money."

She notes staff from the following entities worked on making the projects successful:

Read more about the NASCIO Award at: https://www.nascio.org/awards/2002awards/dg_g_to_g.cfm

Read more about the WSA Award: http://www.wsa.org/events/tab.asp?EventID=194&eventTabID=104

The CSIPS Web site is located at: https://wws2.wa.gov/dshs/csips/

For more information on CSIPS, contact Adolfo Capestany, acapestany@dshs.wa.gov

For more information on WASHCAP, contact Alicia Kone, koneam@dshs.wa.gov

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Event Notices

Defense in Depth: A Layered Security Strategy

Sponsor: Information Systems Audit and Control Association, Mount Rainier Chapter

Where: Office Building 2 (OB-2), Service Level, Cafeteria Meeting Room

When: January 28, 2003, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Presenters: Aaron Morrison, Tripwire, Inc.; Chris Whalen from Structured, a computer security consulting firm; and technical staff from Tripwire.

Program: Computers and digital assets are an integral part of every organizationís operations. Protecting your computer systems, IT network and other information assets against loss or unauthorized change is critical. This presentation will describe options for a "defense in depth" layered security strategy, including firewalls, network intrusion detection systems, and host based intrusion detection systems; and will include a demonstration of the Tripwire host based intrusion detection system.

Who Should Attend:  Managers, and technical and non-technical staff who have an interest in learning more about computer network security.

Registration: If you plan to attend, please register by sending an email to Mike Olson at olsonmm@dshs.wa.gov.

Contact: For more information, contact Mike Olson at olsonmm@dshs.wa.gov.

Information Systems Audit and Control Association logo

Security Reviews for Web Applications

Sponsor: Information Systems Audit and Control Association, Mount Rainier Chapter

Where: Office Building 2 (OB-2), Service Level, Cafeteria Meeting Room

When: February 19, 2003, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Presenter: Mike Olson, CISA

Presenterís Background: For the last four years, Mike has been an IT Security Analyst in the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) IT Security Section. He has participated, as review team coordinator and in other capacities, in the review of 13 Internet web applications.

Program: The evolving technology of web applications that allow users to submit and request sensitive information over the Internet has created new risks and challenges, along with great opportunities to provide better service to the public. This program will provide an overview of the risks that should be addressed, and will describe the steps to follow in reviewing the security of a web application.

This programís overview of web application security will lead in to ISACAís March 19 program. That program, to be presented by a representative of the @stake consulting firm, will focus on the security issues that should be addressed during the design and development of web applications.

Who Should Attend: Managers, technical, and non-technical staff who have an interest in learning more about Internet web application security.

Registration: If you plan to attend, please register by sending an email to Mike Olson at olsonmm@dshs.wa.gov.

Contact: For more information, contact Mike Olson at olsonmm@dshs.wa.gov.

Information Systems Audit and Control Association logo

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News from Other Sources

Utah's Enterprise Approach highlighted in Governing Magazine

The January issue of Governing magazine included a look at Utah's enterprise approach and Governor's Leavitt's leadership in this effort.  See the complete story (Link no longer available).

Washington wins Sustained Leadership Award for Digital Government

Early this month the Center for Digital Government announced that Washington was the top state over the five-year period during which the Digital State Survey has been conducted. See the Center for Digital Government's announcement and Governor Gary Locke's news release.

President signs E-Government Act of 2002

The E-Government Act of 2002 was signed by the President on December 17. This bill has been characterized as one of the most significant pieces of IT legislation in the past six years. It creates a new Office of Electronic Government within the Office of Management and Budget and addresses web guidelines, accessibility standards, privacy and security requirements, GIS standards, training and purchasing. For more information, see Federal Computer Week.

News from DIS

In December, DIS Tech News presented articles on Voice over IP, web content management, the new web presentation guidelines, web accessibility, new technology behind Ask George, and ATOM.

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News from the Past

5 Years Ago -- January 1998 IPMA Newsletter

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15 Years Ago -- January 1988 IPMA Newsletter

20 Years Ago -- January 1983 Association of Data Processing Managers Newsletter

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Summary of December 12, 2002 IPMA Board Meeting

Members Present: Mary Ellen Bradley, Phil Grigg, Sheryl Hall, Dennis Jones, Dennis Laine, Mike McVicker, Bob Monn, Christy Ridout, Darrel Riffe, Doug Tanabe and Shelagh Taylor. Phil Coates, CFO was also present.

Doug Tanabe, IPMA Chair, opened the December 2002 meeting of the IPMA Board of Directors at 7:35 a.m.


Secretary/Treasurer: The minutes from the November 2002 Board meeting were approved.

The Board approved the November 2002 financial status and activities report. Phil Coates recommended that in the future the transactions report include two months of activity to show charges that board members have made via credit cards. The board approved the recommendation.

Business Planning: Mike McVicker reviewed the options for a location for the 2003 Board Planning Retreat. The board directed Mike to make reservations at the facility at Port Hadlock, for a Thursday and Friday, early in February 2003.

Forum 2003: Dennis Laine reported that the Forum planning committee is right on, or slightly ahead of schedule. They are still looking for a second day keynote speaker and a speaker for the Executive Lunch. The next committee meeting is to be held December 19th.

Executive Seminar 2003: Phil Grigg reported that they had signed a contract with Campbellís Resort on Lake Chelan for Tuesday September 23rd through Thursday the 25th, 2003. Phil also stated that he and Darrel believe that the board needs to start planning the Executive Seminars two to three years out. Reservations need to be made with establishments two years out to guarantee the narrow time frame desired.

Professional Development: Sheryl Hall reported that the next training event is scheduled for January 22nd. The topic will be "Outsourcing Software Requirements, the pros and cons."

Communications: Bob Monn reported that it had been a relatively quiet month with the primary accomplishment being the completion and release of the December IPMA News.

Other Business:

Board Election Update: The nominating committee reported that the election closes on December 13, 2002. As of the morning of the board meeting there had been 93 electronic ballots received which is about the same as the 2001 election. While they hadnít gone through the ballots in any detail yet they did observe that there were many more write in candidates than in years past.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 a.m.

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