IPMA News : March 2003

Edited By Mary Ellen Bradley and Andy Marcelia

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Stuart McKee Announces New Deputy Director - MOSTD

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Summary of February 27-28 IPMA Board Annual Planning Meeting

Stuart McKee Announces New Deputy Director - MOSTD

On February 27 Stuart McKee, DIS Director, sent the following e-mail message to DIS staff announcing the appointment of a Deputy Director for the Management and Oversight of Strategic Technologies Division.

I am pleased to announce that Roy H. Lum has accepted the position of Deputy Director, Management and Oversight of Strategic Technologies Division (MOSTD), effective today, February 27, 2003. Roy plans to join us for his first day of work tomorrow, February 28.

Roy has extensive leadership experience in large mission critical enterprise infrastructures, and multi-platform applications development. He has proven expertise in IT strategic planning, process re-engineering, and systems and architecture development.

Roy comes to us with positions of increasing responsibility in the military and high-tech industries, including companies such as Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Oregon, FMC, CNF Transportation and LiveBridge.

Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Roy in his new role here at DIS.

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Event Notices

Web Application Security—Design and Implementation

Sponsor: Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), Mount Rainier Chapter

Where: Office Building 2 (OB-2), Service Level, Cafeteria Meeting Room

When: Wednesday March 19, 2003 11:30-1:00

Program: This presentation will cover some of the highlights from @stake's 2 day Application Security Principles course.  This course covers current application attack methods and defense strategies, enabling participants to understand why and how attacks are possible.  During this presentation @stake will discuss:

For more information on the 2-day course, which will be offered in Seattle March 20-21, see http://www.@stake.com/services/education/courses/application.html (Link no longer available).

Presenter: John Harthorne, Lead Instructor and Security Architect, @stake Inc. John has been a Lead Instructor with @stake Academy for nearly two years, and has experience developing production web applications driven by PHP, ASP, Perl, C++, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Java, SQL, and Oracle. He has performed security-consulting work for large financial institutions, publishing companies, Application Service Providers, and software development companies. He has delivered the Application Security Principles class over thirty times in locations around the world.

Who Should Attend: Managers, and technical and non-technical staff who have an interest in learning more about the security of web applications.

Registration: If you plan to attend, please register by sending an email, containing your name, employer, title, and email address, to Mike Olson at olsonmm@dshs.wa.gov.

Contact: For more information, contact Mike Olson at olsonmm@dshs.wa.gov

About @stake: The following information was provided by @stake: "@stake is the world's largest independent digital security consulting firm. It provides digital security services and award-winning tools to secure critical applications and protect electronic relationships. Consultants combine business experience and technical expertise to create comprehensive security solutions for leading companies in financial services, telecommunications, energy, software, healthcare, and manufacturing."

Information Systems Audit and Control Association logo

Wireless Networking – From  Misconceptions to Reality

See the event announcement for details including information on how to register for this free event sponsored by the IPMA Professional Development Committee. (Link removed.)

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News from Other Sources

DIS Tech News

The March edition of DIS Tech News covered a broad range of important topics including on-line security awareness training, the Small Agency Initiative, the ISB's new GIS technical standards, and the new Ask George search service offering.  See all of these articles at DIS Tech News. (Link removed.)

E-Government Act of 2002

The cover story in the March 1, 2003 issue of CIO Magazine provides an overview of the E-Government Act of 2002 signed by President Bush last December and outlines the challenges ahead. See the full story. (Link removed.)

Anti-Spam Lawmaking

The March 10, 2003 issue of Computerworld carried a story on anti-spam legislative initiatives at both the state and federal levels; see the complete story.

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News from the Past

5 Years Ago -- March 1998 IPMA Newsletter

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15 Years Ago -- March 1988 IPMA Newsletter

20 Years Ago -- March 1983 Association of Data Processing Managers Newsletter (Not available at this time)

25 Years Ago -- March 1978 Association of Data Processing Managers Newsletter

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Summary of February 27-28, 2003 IPMA Board Annual Planning Meeting

Members Present: Jim Albert, Mary Ellen Bradley, Thomas Bynum, Phil Grigg, Sheryl Hall, Dennis Laine, Andy Marcelia, Mike McVicker, Christy Ridout, Darrel Riffe, and Shelagh Taylor. Phil Coates also attended as organization CFO.

Mike McVicker, IPMA Vice-Chair, opened the 2003 IPMA Board planning meeting 1:40 p.m.

Review and revisit Mission and Goals of IPMA:

The IPMA charter and by-laws were reviewed and it was determined that a change to the section covering elections should be made. The section should direct that criteria be established by which the election committee makes its selection of potential board members for recommendation to the board. The board selection process will continue to be held in November each year, with announcement of the results in December.

The committee structure and key responsibilities were reviewed and it was determined that the election committee responsibility be assigned to the Secretary/Treasurer.

Election of Board Officers:

Chair Mike McVicker  
Vice Chair Christy Ridout  
Secretary/Treasurer Shelagh Taylor Thomas Bynum
Forum Co-Chairs Dennis Laine Jim Albert
Communications Co-Chairs Mary Ellen Bradley Andy Marcelia
Executive Seminar Co-Chairs Phil Grigg Darrel Riffe
Professional Development Co-Chairs Sheryl Hall Dennis Jones

Business Planning:

The board reviewed the organization's financial status and considered future "gifting" opportunities. It was determined that Jim Albert and Andy Marcelia should contact Evergreen State College and the three Olympia area high schools to identify how the IPMA might financially help those institutions in keeping with IPMA’s mission. They will then present those options to the full board for consideration.

Forum 2003:

Dennis Laine led the board through documents identifying the status of the preparation for the 2003 Forum. Issues relative to the 2004 and future events were identified for board action. They were as follows:

The Executive Lunch:

  • Mary Ellen Bradley and Shelagh Taylor will be responsible for sending out invitations in late March or early April.
  • The board decided that the Executive Lunch should always be scheduled for the week before the Forum event.
  • Keynote Speakers, should they be paid?

  • The board decided that if it is necessary to pay speakers, then reimbursement of expenses would be the preferred arrangement. Actual payment of speaker fees would be considered a last resort.
  • Should vendor booths be offered at a discount to government agencies or commercial vendors?

  • The board does not want to offer discounts unless the agency/vendor provides some special value to the IPMA.
  • What should the maximum number of Corporate Sponsors be?

  • It was agreed that the maximum should be held at twenty four. The board further indicated that the Corporate Sponsorship fee be increased from $3,500 to $4,000 for the 2004 Executive Summit / 2005 Forum period.
  • Wildflower Consulting event management contract:

  • The board is reviewing the proposed contract and is asking for a section to be added indicating that the Professional Development Committee can call on Wildflower Consulting for assistance, as needed, in any of it’s events. The board directed the CFO to investigate the implications of adding Wildflower Consulting to the organizations insurance policy in much the same manner as St. Martin’s is included. The board directed that the contract be three years in duration ending July 30, 2006.
  • Executive Summit 2003:

    Phil Grigg reported that the plans for the 2003 Executive Summit are well underway. The event will be held September 23-25 at Campbell’s Resort on Lake Chelan. The following are issues that the board needed to address.

    To invite or have open registration?

  • The board decided to invite each agency's Chief Information Officer by name and leave them the choice of which key people they will bring from their respective agencies.
  • To determine the event funding model, free or fee?

  • The board decided that it should be a fee based event and the fee should be $595 per attendee. The Corporate sponsorship fee covers the cost for one representative from that organization.
  • The committee asked the board for approval to make reservations for the event two years in advance to secure preferred dates.

  • The board approved and the committee will begin making contacts with sites at Ocean Shores for the 2004 and 2005 events.
  • Professional Development:

    Sheryl Hall presented the committee’s document covering the 2002 programs and the plans for 2003. She identified several issues that required board decisions.

    Should a seminar be aimed especially towards "small agencies?"

  • The decision was made not to have a seminar directed solely at small agencies but to be sure small agencies were informed about all seminar offerings.
  • Should the Professional Development program develop an event with a paid "featured speaker?"

  • As with the Forum speakers, the board would much rather pay speaker expenses and would consider paying speaker fees as a last resort. It was noted that in the past there had been paid speakers and, even though they were nationally known, they didn’t result in the big draw that was sought. It was further observed that one or more events with a free lunch may be worth pursuing.
  • Should the theme of the planned September event be tied somehow to the Executive Summit, and for that matter should the event be rescheduled for a different month?

  • The board directed that the event scheduled for September be moved to either August or November.
  • The board directed that $2,000 be added to the Professional Development budget to cover the cost of speaker expenses and/or one or two paid luncheon events.


    Mary Ellen Bradley led the board through the Communications Committee’s document that reviewed 2002 accomplishments and the plans for 2003. The following were issues on which the committee needed board decisions:

    New Topics

    The 2004 IPMA Board Planning Retreat was scheduled for January 29 and 30.

    The next IPMA Board meeting is scheduled for April 10, 2003, at D. J. Murphy’s.

    The meeting was adjourned at 11:05 a.m.

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