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Edited By Mary Ellen Bradley and Andy Marcelia

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IPMA Professional Development Focuses on the "Soft" Side of Information Technology - People

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Summary of August 14, 2003 IPMA Board Meeting

IPMA Professional Development Focuses on the "Soft" Side of Information Technology - People

-- by Sheryl Hall, IPMA Professional Development Committee Co-Chair

Last month, the IPMA Professional Development seminar focused on the "soft" side of Information Technology (IT) - change management and how people meet the challenges and trials of change.

This seemed a very timely and appropriate subject, since the Personnel System Reform Act of 2002 will result in the most sweeping changes to the state’s civil service system since its creation more than forty years ago. Decreased budgets for training, government downsizing and a new biennium of change made it likely that this seminar would be popular.

That it was! 115 people registered for this event with 90 people showing up on seminar day. In spite of some no-shows due to the Blaster Virus, this turned out to be our second largest attended professional development session in nearly three years.

The seminar, "Managing Transitions – Tips, tools, and techniques to deal with nonstop changes in the workplace and in your personal lives," was taught by Vicki Legman, President of Legman Communication, at the Saint Martin's College campus on August 14, 2003. Vicki is an accomplished instructor, course designer, facilitator, consultant and speaker.

The audience consisted of managers and supervisors and others who wished to initiate or manage change more effectively, proactively and creatively. Vicki’s energy and enthusiasm, coupled with her group activities, kept the audience alert and lively even after a hot and spicy Mexican meal. With temperatures in the 90’s and the air conditioner working overtime, Vicki met the double challenge of keeping participation and interest high.

Vicki believes that people don’t really resist change — they resist being changed. In her workshop, the attendee experiences some of the challenges of change by working in teams to solve a short, but challenging problem. Vicki teaches from the William Bridges' model for managing change as described in "Managing Transitions."

She also gets down to the nuts and bolts of change and provides tools and tips for what to do, how it do it, and when to do it. Perhaps most importantly, the seminar ended with a focus on how to communicate and problem-solve effectively when many people are feeling resistant, frustrated and overwhelmed. She made sure each table team felt all of those emotions by working through a challenging situation and coming up with the best solutions to the problem.

This year, the IPMA combined the seminar, luncheon and networking opportunity at no cost to the attendee. This was well received and it generated a lot of collaboration and sharing of issues, ideas and solutions. The round-table format encouraged group networking and collaboration during the lunch period and the group activities.

Immediate feedback from attendees was very positive and several responded that the topic was both very timely and worthwhile.

"This was a very good workshop. I am taking back several ideas on how I can better manage a change that I am responsible to implement. Thanks."

"Great class - lots of ideas to take back to work. Thanks."

"Please bring this to our agency soon."

"Strengthened the network between people and agencies."

"Thanks for the lunch, too."

Ms. Legman is often brought into businesses to solve communication and team problems in: giving effective feedback, conflict management, team building, customer service, supervisor skills, as well as change management. She can be reached at vdkm@comcast.net.

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News from Other Sources

¿Habla Espanol? Qúi vị biết nói tiếng Việt? . . .

In late July the Department of Information Services (DIS) added links from the Access Washington main page to index pages for Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese and Cambodian. Available material on state agency web sites in these languages is indexed on each respective page by subject/topic, e.g. agriculture; child support; developmental disabilities; unemployment insurance; workers’ compensation; workplace safety and health; the environment; health care; and voter registration.

In announcing this addition to Access Washington, Gov. Gary Locke said "Because of our state’s changing population, it is important that we provide people with the ability to access vital government service information in languages other than English. These changes not only help people find information but enable our state to be more productive, efficient and help us lower costs."

The languages chosen reflect the most commonly used languages in Washington and the most prevalent content already on various state agency Web sites. For example, theDepartment of Labor and Industries offers material in Spanish; the Department of Ecology includes information in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Hmong and Russian; and the Department of Social and Health Services offers content in approximately 12 languages. Until now, there was no single index listing Web content in different languages from multiple agencies.

The state’s departments of Information Services, Ecology, Labor and Industries, and Social and Health Services collaborated to create the new foreign language indices.

Also see Governor Locke's July 24 news release and the August 13 DSHS news release.

For more information, contact Brian Dirks, DIS.

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Summary of August 14, 2003 IPMA Board Meeting

Members Present: Mary Ellen Bradley, Thomas Bynum, Sheryl Hall, Dennis Jones, Dennis Laine, Andy Marcelia, Mike McVicker, Christy Ridout, Darrel Riffe, and Shelagh Taylor. Phil Coates, CFO was also present.

Mike McVicker, IPMA Chair, opened the meeting of the IPMA Board of Directors at 7:35 a.m..


Secretary/Treasurer: The minutes from the July 2003 Board meeting were approved.

The Board approved the July 2003 financial status and activities reports.

Phil Coates announced that the $18,000 check to South Puget Sound Community College to establish the endowed scholarship was sent in July. A very nice thank you card from Ms Holly Mason, the Executive Director of the College Foundation, was received within days expressing SPSCC’s appreciation.

Business Planning: Christy Ridout introduced Keith Cameron to the board. Keith is the IPMA’s Merrill Lynch account representative. Keith met with the board to discuss various account management options and answer any questions the board may have.

Forum: Dennis Laine reported that there had been no activity to speak of on Forum 2004 in July and that the next committee meeting was scheduled for September.

Executive Seminar: Darrel Riffe discussed the status of the Executive Seminar.

One hundred rooms have been booked. Darrel noted that we are at the cut off date for reducing the number of rooms.

Seventy-four state people have registered and 40 payments have been received.

Expecting most of the 24 corporate sponsors to attend.

Darrel showed the board the recognition tokens that will be distributed to each attendee.

The agenda has come together very well and it is agreed that it looks like it will be another great Executive Seminar.

Forty-two people have signed up to take the bus. The maximum capacity of the bus is 47.

Professional Development: Sheryl Hall reported that the August seminar is titled "Managing Transitions tips, tools, and techniques to deal with nonstop changes in the workplace and in your personal lives" takes place today. The presenter is Vicki Legman of Legman Communication. She is an accomplished instructor, course designer, consultant and speaker. Sheryl stated that she has been managing the registrations and that 115 people have signed up.

Dennis Jones said that the October event, "Programming in the .Net environment," is coming together. Logical has been working with Dennis on planning the session. Dennis asked if anyone on the board had a staff person involved with .Net that could attend the next planning session and make sure that they are on track. Several board members indicated that was possible.

Communications: Mary Ellen Bradley reported that the August issue of the IPMA News was posted on the IPMA web site on August 13th. It contains a very good article about L&I’s upgrade to Windows XP.


November Elections: The following board members terms expire this year, Sheryl Hall, Dennis Jones, Darrel Riffe and Shelagh Taylor. The nominating committee should begin to make plans as to how they wish to proceed because the board will want to begin with the board election process at the October 2003 meeting.

September board meeting: There will be no board meeting in September.

Board Meeting Location: The October board meeting will be held at the Oasis Cafe.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 a.m.

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