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Note: At its February 2006 meeting, the IPMA Board decided to discontinue this newsletter. Board meeting summaries will continue to be published.

July 13, 2006, Board Meeting

Members Present: Mary Ellen Bradley, Thomas Bynum, Andy Hill, Andy Marcelia, Fran Muskopf, Christy Ridout, Darrel Riffe, Allen Schmidt, Julian Soh and Shelagh Taylor. Phil Coates, CFO, and Jim Andersen, Forum Events Manager, were also present.

Andy Marcelia, IPMA Chair, opened the July 2006 meeting of the IPMA Board of Directors at 7:30 a.m.

Approval of Minutes: The minutes from the June 2006 Board meeting were approved.

Secretary/Treasurerís Report: The Board approved the June 2006 financial status and activities reports.

Committee Reports:

2006 Executive Conference: Darrel Riffe reported that all the speakers have been secured. Nineteen Executive Sponsors have indicated that they will attend and registrations for 50+ state attendees have been received.

LeaderPath: Allen Schmidt reported that a meeting had been held with representatives from DOP. Mary Ellen and Allen met with the outgoing DOP LeaderPath coordinator and the incoming coordinator. They talked about the continuation of the program and the next steps. DOP is developing similar programs for HR and finance. It was agreed that there may be some portions of the three programs that would lend themselves to crossover and convergence but it was made clear that the IPMA wants a separate IT leadership program.

The next program will be much the same as the last with some minor adjustments as identified during the evaluation of the program. One such change would be to broaden the scope of recruitment from potential CIOís exclusively, to all senior IT managers in state government.

The next step is for the IPMA to contact CIOís and discuss the program and how it is being changed. The level of interest in the program should be known as a result of these conversations, and the need for a 2007 LeaderPath offering will be clarified.

DOP will not bill the IPMA for costs associated with the 2005 LeaderPath program.

Allen and Andy Marcelia met with DOP recently regarding the IPMA role and relationship with DOP regarding training, registrations and collections. If the IPMA contracts with an organization to put on a training activity, then DOP cannot use its ListServ to announce and recruit for the event and do the registrations or collections. The only thing they can do is put a link on their web site.

2006 Forum Follow-up: Jim Andersen presented the wrap-up report for the 2006 Forum.

  1. Corporate Sponsors: Twenty-seven sponsors for the 2006/2007 sponsorship year have paid in full.
  2. Vendors: All 48 participating vendors and organizations have paid their applicable fees.
  3. Forum income/expenses: The 2006 Forum made a net profit of $1,300.
  4. Forum registration: The following is a summary of registration information

  5. GES: Repairing the floor damage at St. Martinís has not yet been resolved.
  6. GES contract: The GES contract has expired. We will be getting a new proposal from GES. The board directed Jim to explore the option of doing a competitive acquisition for the services that have been performed by GES and report back to the board.
  7. Forum Planning committee: There was a wrap-up meeting of the committee yesterday. Some of the general comments were:
  8. Roundtable discussions: There were a lot of good comments regarding the Roundtable Discussions.

Business & Finance: Allen Schmidt reported that a meeting of the Business and Finance Committee had taken place to review the IPMA Calendar. He pointed out the three significant proposed changes to the calendar. First, the boardís annual business planning meeting would take place in October rather than January. The second makes the CIO meeting an integral part of the annual Executive Seminar. Third, the budget would be adopted at the December board meeting. The committee also met with Phil Grigg and Darrel Riffe prior to this board meeting as the proposal has an impact on the event they are responsible for.

With the adoption of the proposed calendar, planning for the coming year begins with the Forum Committee wrap-up meeting. Next is the input and direction gathered from the CIO activity at the Executive Seminar. This is all input to the October planning session which feeds the budget development. New board members elected in November will attend the January board meeting and will serve their first year on the board in a support role on the committee that best fits their interest. This gives them a year to learn how the IPMA works, what its goals and issues are before they have to develop plans and budgets for activities they may not be fully familiar with.

The board approved a proposal to have a CIO activity at the Executive Conference. Allen Schmidt volunteered to draft the contents of the presentation at this session for board review at the August meeting.

The board approved the proposed calendar. Christy Ridout volunteered to make the reservations associated with putting on the planning session in October.

Professional Development: Andy Hill reported that the June 29th seminar was well received by those that attended but there was a problem with attendance. One hundred reservations were received initially, five people cancelled and there were 40 no shows. This is a much higher rate than normally is experienced. A possible explanation is that this was the Thursday prior to the fourth of July holiday weekend.

Planning is on track for the Sandra Smith event on August 22nd. Registrations are slow coming in. Andy asked the board members to help in the recruitment effort. The event announcement will be re-distributed to the IPMA listserv.

Communications: Christy Ridout and Shelagh Taylor reported that they had been in contact with Dennis Jones regarding the Marketing plan. The CIO element of the Executive Seminar is in line with the plan. After Allen Schmidt drafts the presentation part of the activity, he will run it by Christy and Shelagh to see that it is in keeping with the Marketing plan.

Shelagh and Christy made the point that while they are responsible for the development of the plan they are not responsible for carrying it out. The plan requires action plans for the CIO event and the development of the redesign of the web-site.

Other Business:

Status of Special Project:

Web site re-design: Julian Soh reported that he was planning to set up a meeting with other board members to identify what has already been determined and then move on to other things such as color schemes and other fundamentals prior to involving Coraxis. This sub-committee will hopefully meet twice during the month of July.

Next Meeting: August 10, 2006, at the Shipwreck Cafť

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 a.m.

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