IPMA News : March 2007


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Note: At its February 2006 meeting, the IPMA Board decided to discontinue this newsletter. Board meeting summaries will continue to be published.

March 8, 2007, Board Meeting

Members Present: Mary Ellen Bradley, Thomas Bynum, Pam Derkacht, Phil Grigg, Andy Hill, Andy Marcelia, ‘Mace’ Maciejewski, Fran Muskopf, Christy Ridout, Darrel Riffe, Allen Schmidt and Julian Soh. Phil Coates, CFO and Jim Andersen, the Forum Events Manager were also present.

Allen Schmidt, IPMA Chair, opened the March 2007 meeting of the IPMA Board of Directors at 7:25 a.m.

Secretary/Treasurer: The minutes from the February 2007 Board meeting were approved as amended.

The Board approved the January/February financial status and activities reports.


Business and Finance: No new business to report

Forum: Jim Andersen reported on the status of the 2007 Forum

  1. Corporate Sponsors:
  2. Vendors:
  3. Forum committee: The schedule for the breakout sessions is near completion. Now working with sponsors to capture session descriptions.
  4. Forum gift:
  5. Cheney Room: The Cheney room will be used for additional events. The Forum committee has surveyed the IT community and there is a significant interest in sessions for "Success Stories," "Ask the Expert," and "Birds of a Feather." One of the Forum booths will be used as a small meeting area as well. Coraxis is leading the effort to determine the agenda for both locations.
  6. Corporate Sponsor Lunch: The luncheon is scheduled for March 22nd. To-date 9 board members and 39 individuals representing 24 Corporate Sponsors have signed up to attend. Wolfgang Opitz, OFM Deputy Director, will be the featured speaker.
  7. Forum brochure:

Professional Development: Andy Hill presented the committee report.

  1. The March 20th event presented by Solutions IQ, "A Room with a View - Personalizing Your Portal with MOSS 2007," has 91 registrations to-date. Everything is ready to go.
  2. The first of this year’s paid events, the April 17th "Peer Mentoring: A Practical Approach to Knowledge Transfer" workshop by Steve Trautman, has 45 registrations and ten paid to-date. The breakeven point on this event is about 42 paid attendees. The committee will focus on marketing this event.

LeaderPath: Mace Maciejewski presented the status of the LeaderPath program.

  1. The UW projected cost of the program this year will be about $5,900 per registrant if 25 students sign up. This represents a $900 increase over last year’s program.
  2. The go/no go decision point will be in June prior to the kick off meeting.
  3. Capstone projects need to be defined and sponsors recruited prior to the end of April.

Executive Seminar: No progress to report.

Communications: Deferred to Event Registration system report.

February carry-over items:

CIO Breakfast - Proposed Agenda: Allen Schmidt walked the board through the proposed agenda. The agenda was developed by Jim Eby, Mike McVicker and Kathy Munson. It contains three primary sections; a segment for IPMA topics, a segment devoted to Recruiting issues, and a final segment focusing on Electronic Records Retention.

Corporate Sponsor Appreciation Lunch: Allen Schmidt and Jim Andersen walked the board through the draft Powerpoint presentation slides that will be presented at the March 22nd event. As noted previously, OFM Deputy Director, Wolfgang Opitz will be the featured speaker. All board members are urged to attend.

Event registration system: Fran Muskopf presented the project status report.

  1. For review the report discussed the purpose of the system and some background on how we got to where we are.
  2. A schedule with milestones were identified. The Communications Committee will make a go/no go recommendation to the board at the April 12th meeting.
  3. Roles and responsibilities were identified.

Oregon CIO Summit: Allen Schmidt received notification of the 2007 Oregon CIO Summit along with a request that the IPMA distribute it to it's membership. The board determined that it would be appropriate to post the announcement on the IPMA web site.


Fran Muskopf alerted the board that she would be recruiting board members to man the IPMA booth at the Forum, so members should bring their calendars and be ready to commit some time to the effort.

Next Board Meeting - April 12, 2007

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 a.m.

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