IPMA News : March 2008


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March 13, 2008, Board Meeting

Members Present: Thomas Bynum, Pam Derkacht, Andy Hill, Andy Marcelia, Mike McVicker, Mace Maciejewski, Fran Muskopf, Darrel Riffe and Allen Schmidt. Phil Coates, CFO, and Jim Andersen, the Forum Events Manager, were also present.

Allen Schmidt, IPMA Chair, opened the March 2008 meeting of the IPMA Board of Directors at 7:30 a.m.

Secretary/Treasurer: The minutes from the February 2008 Board meeting were approved. Phil Coates reported that he is working with Washington Department of Revenue to clarify IPMA’s B&O tax status.

The Board approved the February 2008 financial status and activities reports.


Business and Finance: Andy Marcelia reported that he and Phil Coates met with IPMA’s Merrill Lynch account executive. The discussed how the organizations portfolio could be managed as an endowment. It was decided that over time the following three steps would be implemented as appropriate:

  1. Change Mutual funds from a reinvestment directive to payment of cash dividends.
  2. When Puget Sound Energy’s buyout by a private Canadian holding company is complete, (late 2008) and the funds are received in IPMA’s account, a good cash generating conservative holding will be acquired.
  3. A cash flow analysis will be conducted to determine if part of the balance in the operating account could be put into a slightly less accessible money market account that has a higher yield.

Quarterly Tracking Report - Board Officers and Secretary Treasurer: Allen Schmidt went through the appropriate items on the Quarterly Tracking Report. Two of the seven items assigned to board officers were deemed complete. The value of the report was reinforced by virtue of the fact that several items had fallen off people's radar screen.

Communications and Marketing:

IPMA Brochure: Fran Muskopf reported that the mailing containing brochures with the current activities insert went out to 45 CIO’s.

Web-Site Redesign Project: A meeting with Bob Monn, Mike McVicker and Fran Muskopf was held. Mike led the board through a summary of that meeting that covered Present Services, Problems, Opportunities and next steps. The proposed next steps were to:

  1. Interview Board members on expectations of the website.
  2. Survey CIO’s on perspective of the website.
  3. Survey members on perspective of the website.

Bob Monn has volunteered to proceed with the interviews.

Quarterly Tracking Report - Communications: Allen Schmidt reviewed the status of the items on the report that related to the Communications Committee. All items were being addressed.

Forum: Jim Andersen presented the Forum status report:

  1. Keynote Speakers: The two keynote speakers for Forum will be:
  2. Corporate Sponsors:
  3. Vendors: We have 43 vendor booths.
  4. Forum Committee:
  5. Forum Brochure: Initial information has been passed to the graphics artists to start formatting the cover and pages 2 - 3 for the brochure. We are trying to keep this effort on the fast track to avoid a last minute effort.
  6. Forum Gifts: No action has been taken so far.
  7. GES: Booth colors have been set. We dropped the idea for different colors for vendor and sponsor booths.
  8. Forum Flyer: A March flyer has been prepared. See handout. The flyer will be:
  9. Sponsor Breakout Sessions: Sponsors are currently being offered the breakout sessions by "who paid first last year." This effort is 50% completed.
  10. Wireless Support: Qwest and Cisco have agreed to provide "free" wireless service for the Pavilion and the Worthington Center.
  11. Name Tags: Xerox has offered to look at providing attendee name tags.

Quarterly Tracking Report - Forum: Allen Schmidt reviewed the status of the three tasks and determined that they are all being addressed.

Professional Development: Thomas Bynum reported that the March 18th event titled “Leadership Strategies for Tackling High Risk Projects” presented by Brian Turner of Point B Solutions Group, has 138 people registered. This will be the first session to be held at the L&I facility so it will be interesting to see how the logistics work out.

The April 22nd event titled “Software Development Best Practices: Quality Now!” presented by Jeff Levinson, of Northwest Cadence, has 103 people registered in the past four days since it was posted on the web.

The June 23rd event titled “The Adaptive Enterprise: Security in a Changing World” presented by Bronson Security Group is coming together.

Executive Conference: Darrel Riffe reported that the committee has had no activity yet. Activity generally begins in April.

CIO Events: Allen Schmidt reported that there are no additional CIO events planned till the Executive Conference in September.

IT Management/LeaderPath: Mace Maciejewski reported that the program is proceeding for 2008. In a meeting with DOP it was determined that they want to shorten the program by a couple of months based on input of the graduates of the 2007 program. DOP will take a more active roll in marketing the program this year.

DOP would like to release an RFP to rebid the program at some point in the future

Quarterly Tracking Report - IT Management/LeaderPath: Allen reviewed the four pertinent tasks and determined that they were on track.

Corporate Sponsor Meeting: Thomas Bynum and Mike McVicker indicated that they and other board members who work with Corporate Sponsors would get together and plan the event prior to the April board meeting.


Registration System Project: Andy Hill has spoken with Dennis Jones to develop a statement of work to define this project.

Quarterly Tracking Report - Other tasks: Status of Educational Endowments at South Puget Sound Community College and Evergreen State College. Phil Coates will gather the necessay information to present the current status in time for the next quarterly review.

Next Board Meeting: April 10, 2008, at the Shipwreck Café

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 a.m.