IPMA News : April 2008


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April 10, 2008, Board Meeting

Members Present: Thomas Bynum, Pam Derkacht, Phil Grigg, Andy Marcelia, Fran Muskopf, Christy Ridout and Allen Schmidt. Phil Coates, CFO and Jim Andersen, the Forum Events Manager, were also present.

Allen Schmidt, IPMA Chair, opened the April 2008 meeting of the IPMA Board of Directors at 7:35 a.m.

Secretary/Treasurer: The minutes from the March 2008 Board meeting were approved.

The Board approved the March 2008 financial status and activities reports.


Business and Finance:

Phil Coates reported that a letter has been sent to the Department of Revenue making a formal request for a “binding determination” on the issue of IPMA being exempt from the Washington B&O tax.

Andy Marcelia reported that a second money market account that is slightly less liquid but a higher yield has been established with Merrill Lynch.

Communications and Marketing:

Web-site redesign project: Fran Muskopf reported that she and Mike McVicker have completed a draft questionnaire that will be used to identify the board’s desires and expectations regarding the IPMA web-site and modifications that are needed.

Forum: Jim Andersen presented the Forum status report.

  1. Corporate Sponsors
  2. Vendors:
  3. Forum Committee:
  4. Forum Brochure: Jim met with the Lakeside Graphics on April 9th to review the first draft of the brochure. He is trying to keep the brochure on the fast track to avoid a last minute effort.
  5. Forum Gifts: No action taken to date.
  6. GES: Alerted GES that the IPMA Board may terminate it’s existing contract after June 1st because of costs and less participating vendors.
  7. Forum Flyer: An April flyer has been prepared. The flyer will be distributed at the April 22nd Professional Development event and posted to the IPMA web-site.
  8. Sponsor Breakout Sessions: All but one session has been assigned. Overall the response from the sponsors this year has been less than desired.
  9. Wireless Support: Qwest and Cisco have agreed to provide “free” wireless service for the Pavilion and the Worthington Center.
  10. Name Tags: Xerox has offered to provide forms for name tags and Dell may provide the needed equipment. Jim needs help defining the database and printing application.
  11. Fran Muskopf circulated a sign-up sheet for board members to staff the IPMA booth during the Forum.

Professional Development: Thomas Bynum reported that thus far 120 people have registered for the April 22nd event, “Software Development Best Practices: Quality Now!” presented by Jeff Levinson, of Northwest Cadence.

The committee will meet soon with Martin Rodriguez regarding the June 23rd event titled, “The Adaptive Enterprise: Security in a Changing World.”

The August event, “Managing the Service Desk,” is nearly completed ready. The October event, “Best Practices - Green IT,” still has quite a bit of work left to do.

Executive Conference: Phil Grigg recruited board members to meet and help develop the agenda for this year’s Executive Conference. This is the kick-off activity for the development of this year’s program.

CIO Meeting: Allen Schmidt reported that coordination of the CIO segment of the conference will be done in conjunction with the Executive Conference committee activities.

IT Management/LeaderPath: No Report.

Corporate Sponsors Meeting: Thomas Bynum reported that he will arrange a meeting with Mike McVicker, Jim Andersen and himself to begin planning this event.


Next Board Meeting: May 8, 2008

The meeting was adjourned at 8:27 a.m.