IPMA News : October 2008


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October 9, 2008, BOARD MEETING

Members Present: Thomas Bynum, Pam Derkacht, Phil Grigg, Andy Hill, Andy Marcelia, Mike McVicker, Mace Maciejewski, Fran Muskopf, Christy Ridout, Darrel Riffe, and Grant Rodeheaver. Phil Coates, CFO, Jim Andersen, Forum Events Manager and Dennis Jones, planning retreat facilitator, were also present.

Andy Hill, IPMA Vice-Chair, opened the October 2008 meeting of the IPMA Board of Directors at 7:30 a.m.

Secretary/Treasurer: The minutes from the September 2008 Board meeting were approved.

The Board approved the September 2008 financial status and activities reports.


Executive Conference: Phil Grigg reported that there are 85 people registered for this year’s conference which is down about 20 from last year. They worked with Campbell’s and reduced the count of rooms to 90. IPMA is contractually obligated for 100 rooms but if Campbell’s can rent ten of the rooms we could get by for 90. The number of people signing up to ride the bus was lower than expected so a smaller bus will be used saving about $900. Because we are a non-profit, we got a discount on the bus of about $400. Topics are all lined up the web site has been refreshed and a reminder has been sent out. Phil is confident that it will be a good conference.

CIO Events: Grant Rodeheaver reported that the committee held a teleconference on the October 6th with Kara Durbin of the House and others. They discussed how the speakers could best spend their time. The IT Workgroup contractor (PTI) will offer some open time Wednesday for general discussion with any CIO’s that may be interested.

Business and Finance: Andy Marcelia distributed a draft of a Board Member Recognition Policy which was an assignment from last year’s planning retreat. Andy lead a discussion of the draft. It was decided that he would send a copy of the draft to the board members and they would return comments to him for a final draft that would be addressed at the board retreat in November.

Forum: Jim Andersen presented the Work Plan for the 2009 Forum.

Professional Development: Christy Ridout delivered the PD status report. The October 22nd event "Leveraging Data to Maximize Your Business Value," presented by Sierra Systems, has 105 people registered to attend.

The committee has much of the 2009 events calendar roughed out. January will lead off with a LeaderPath alumni session, March will be on metrics management, April will be service oriented architecture, June will be something around project management office, August is open and October will be virtual security.

An issue that will be addressed at the board planning retreat is the significant drop in attendance at PD events this year.

IT Management/LeaderPath: Mace Maciejewski reported contacting several prior LeaderPath graduates about what kind of topic they would like to see at the proposed PD event in January. They expressed interest in a focus on finance and budgeting and anything to do with “soft skills,”such as how to communicate better, present better, deal with conflict, etc.

Communications and Marketing:

Web-Site Redesign: Fran Muskopf reported that the vendor for the redesign effort has been selected. The firm name is Say This Say That. The contract runs from October 8th through January 31st. The project cost will be $9,200 divided into two payments, ˝ as a deposit and the other ˝ upon completion.


2008 Planning Retreat: Andy Hill gave the details about the board planning retreat location and tried to nail down some meal options. Dennis Jones reviewed the agenda and a first cut at issues to be addressed at the retreat.

Board Member Elections: Andy Marcelia reported that Mike McVicker will not be seeking re-election to the board. The board discussed several possible candidates. Ron Seymour was selected as the candidate to be submitted to the membership for ratification.

Next Board Meeting: December 11, 2008, at the Shipwreck Café

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 a.m.