IPMA News : April 2009


Shipwreck Cafe

Members Present: Thomas Bynum, Phil Grigg, Andy Marcelia, Mace Maciejewski, Fran Muskopf, Christy Ridout, Darrel Riffe, Allen Schmidt and Ron Seymour. Phil Coates, CFO, and Jim Andersen, Forum Events Manager, were also present.

 Mace Maciejewski, IPMA Vice-Chair, opened the April 9, 2009, meeting of the IPMA Board of Directors at 7:30 a.m.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes from the March 2009 Board meeting were approved.

SECRETARY/TREASURER'S REPORT: The Board approved the March 2009 financial status and activities reports.


Executive Conference: Phil Grigg presented several alternatives to the structure of the Executive Conference that the committee has considered. The board directed the committee to work out a proposal for the Fall event that better reflects the State’s diminished biennial budget reality.

IT Management/Leader Path: Mace reported that DOP has a new contract with UW Tacoma to do the instructional portion of the LeaderPath program. The cost has gone from $5,858 down to $3,939 with the same number of days and the same level of instructor skills. DOP has begun advertising for it. The program begins May 19, 2009, and ends September 1, 2009. Nominations are due by May 1, 2009.

Corporate Sponsors: Allen Schmidt reported that they have been unsuccessful in getting speakers for the event. As a result they are offering their unused budget to help offset other IPMA budget shortfalls. The board decided to proceed with planning for a Corporate Sponsor Appreciation meeting to be held around the date of the Forum.

Business & Finance: Phil Coates distributed the first Quarterly report of contractor hours worked. Phil also asked if the board had any problem with Dennis Jones’ family contributing to the scholarship fund. The board had no issues or problems with others contributing to the scholarship fund.

CIO Events: The only CIO event currently scheduled is the dedicated sessions at the Forum.

Forum: Jim Andersen presented the Forum status report. Jim walked the board through the draft of the Forum brochure. The brochure cost about $4,000 to print last year. Xerox has made a proposal to provide full printing service for Forum, Professional Development events and the Executive Seminar for a discount on their sponsorship fee. The board approved proceeding with the proposal.

By various reductions, such as Xerox providing printing and dropping Forum gifts, it is expected that Forum expenses will come in about $5,000 less than originally budgeted.

Professional Development: The April 22nd event “Leading Change,” presented by Point B Solutions has 97 people registered and is ready to go.

The next event will be held on June 9th titled “Benefits Funded Applications Development” and will be presented by CGI.

Cost saving initiatives for PD include reducing the room size and reducing the amount of food being provided since quite a bit has gone to waste in the past. Total reductions should result in a savings of about $1,500.

Communications and Marketing: Fran Muskopf reported that the cut-over to the new web-site has been accomplished very smoothly. Jim Andersen commented that he can do a lot of things that used to require direct web-master involvement. Fran indicated that the committee is attempting to get a proposal from Say This, Say That for ongoing maintenance.

Fran indicated that the committee doesn’t see how their already limited budget can be reduced further.

Christy Ridout introduced the idea of including agency RFP’s on the IPMA web-site.

Next Meeting: May 14, 2009, at the Shipwreck Café

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 a.m.