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IPMA News : September 2007

September 13, 2007, Board Meeting

Members Present: Mary Ellen Bradley, Thomas Bynum, Phil Grigg, Andy Hill, Andy Marcelia, Mace Maciejewski, Fran Muskopf, Christy Ridout, Darrel Riffe and Allen Schmidt. Phil Coates, CFO and Jim Andersen, the Forum Events Manager were also present.

Allen Schmidt, IPMA Chair, opened the September 2007 meeting of the IPMA Board of Directors at 7:30 a.m.

Secretary/Treasurer: The minutes from the August 2007 Board meeting were approved.

The Board approved the August 2007 financial status and activities reports.

Committee Reports:

Business and Finance: No activity to report.

Forum: Jim Andersen reported that he is organizing material and getting ready to start the Forum committee activities in November. Allen asked that he put together some questions that the Forum co-chairpersons could use when talking to CIO’s at the Executive Seminar. The questions will focus on value, content and training.

Professional Development: Andy Hill reported that the October 16th event is on track. CA will be presenting Records Management. Greg Trotter and Patty Holmquist of King County will talk about what they do, how they do it and how they went about selecting a vendor of a Records Management system.

The event dates for the 2008 program have been established. Four events will be held at St. Martin’s and two will be at L&I.

LeaderPath: Mace Maciejewski reported that LeaderPath is underway. The first stewards meeting was held and four stewards attended. The Capstone Projects also had a successful kickoff. David Harrison of UW talked to the group about what they will be getting out of each session and how it will relate to the Capstone Projects. After dinner each of the stewards spent some time with the project teams.

Allen suggested that some time should be spent preparing for the panel discussion at the final session on January 15th.

Executive Seminar: Phil Grigg reported that the seminar is fully booked with people on a waiting list. Arrangements for the CIO breakfast have been made. Representative Ericks and Dave Johnson, House budget analyst, will talk about problems they have encountered with the IT community in general. On Tuesday, at the CIO breakfast, the attendees will be able to give feedback to what they heard Monday afternoon. Thirty CIO’s have signed up, a couple from agencies who haven’t attended in the past.

The bus will be kept on site and a winery tour is planned for Tuesday afternoon. The attendance gifts have been delivered. Pens have been ordered and should be delivered prior to the seminar.

Communications: Fran Muskopf reported that the IPMA Brochure will be ready to go to the printer as soon as they get the Professional Development schedule.

Other Business:

Registration System: Andy Hill reported that the subcommittee held a meeting last month and it was determined that Survey Monkey is not a good option for a long term solution.

Coraxis did a registration system for the local PMI chapter. Contact will be made with them to see if it would be a viable option for the IPMA.

Board Elections: Andy Marcelia reported that Mary Ellen Bradley plans to leave the board at the end of her term in December. Julian Soh is resigning his position on the board effective December 2007. Phil Grigg, Christy Ridout and Allen Schmidt have agreed to remain on the board for another three year term.. Andy led a discussion to identify potential candidates for the two positions. Based on that discussion, he will come back to the board at the October meeting with two names for consideration and approval.

Board Planning Retreat: Christy Ridout indicated that she and Dennis Jones had met and have finalized the agenda and schedules. She went over the action items that committees need to prepare in advance of the meeting.

The next board meeting will be held October 11, 2007, at the Shipwreck Café.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 a.m.