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Benefits of Corporate Membership

The Information Processing Management Association (IPMA) wishes to thank you and your company for showing an interest in becoming an IPMA Corporate Member. As an IPMA Corporate Member, your company will have the option of participating in several IPMA events during the Corporate Member year. 2018-2019 Corporate Membership begins July 1, 2018 and ends June 30, 2019. Here is a summary of the participation and value IPMA Corporate Members recieved during the 2015-2016 year.

During the 2017-2018 Corporate Membership year, IPMA Corporate Members delivered 30 presentations at IPMA Events, including:

Professional Development Events - Throughout Year

The purpose of the Professional Development Committee is to provide educational and networking programs and seminars for the IT community. The Committee also provides selected formal training events. The Committee works with Corporate Members and state agencies to provide these programs at a minimal cost to attendees. The registration fee for these events is included in your Corporate Membership fee.

Executive Seminar  - September

The Executive Seminar's goal is to facilitate communications, networking and the exchange of information technology ideas among senior state government IT managers and Corporate Members. Approximately 65 State CIO's and IT managers will attend. This provides a great oportunity for Corporate Members to connect with the IT decision makers in state government. In advance of the Executive Seminar, Corporate Members have the opportunity to submit speaker proposals. At the event, Corporate Members have the opportunity to network with government IT managers and provide input into contemporary state IT issues. Hotel and meeting expenses for one company representative are included in the Corporate Membership fee.

Forum - May

Forum is an annual information technology seminar and trade show sponsored by the IPMA. For thirty-plus years, Forum has proven to be an effective opportunity for vendors to demonstrate their solutions, for speakers to share their expertise and knowledge, and for state employees and others to attend free seminars and product demonstrations. It is important to note that Forum is one of the premier technology shows in the Pacific Northwest and the largest to focus solely on the public sector. Approximately 900 state, county, city and private sector employees will attend. Corporate Members have the option of being allocated high visibility display booths. Corporate Members will be given the opportunity to provide session speakers for Forum. Booth fees are included in the corporate membership fee.

Corporate Member Breakfasts and Lunches - September, February and June

The IPMA Corporate Member Breakfasts and Lunches are an oportunity for Corporate Members and guests to hear from State IT Executives on current and future IT strategies and plans. It is also an oportunity for Corporate Members to ask questions of IT leaders on topics of their choosing.


The annual IPMA Corporate Membership fee for 2018-2019 is $4,300. The Corporate Membership fee must be paid by August 15, 2018 for participation at the Executive Seminar in September 2018.

Sign Up as a Corporate Member

For additional information, please contact the IPMA Board of Directors or Mace Maciejewski.