About Us

The Information Professional Management Association is organized as a 501 (C)(6) not-for-profit Washington State Corporation. There are no stockholders. There are 12 members on the Board of Directors, and their term of office is three years, with four positions elected each year.

Directors are elected by our membership. There are three corporate officers who serve on the Board of Directors: A Board Chairman who also serves as the Corporation President, a Vice-Chairman, and a Secretary/Treasurer.

No compensation is paid to any member of the Board of Directors for services as a member of the Board. For more information about IPMA in Washington, please look at our annual reports and read about our current Board of Directors.

Our mission is to help maintain Washington State’s position as a nationally recognized, premier IT center. We accomplish this by continuing to advance the quality and professionalism of the state’s public sector and business IT community. We are dedicated to:

  • Promoting professional networking opportunities among public sector IT professionals, business IT professionals, and IT industry leaders
  • Enhancing the IT community’s leadership, teamwork, collaboration, and communications across Washington State public sector agencies
  • Providing professional development opportunities for the state’s public sector IT and business IT leaders, managers, and technical staff that focus on:
    • Developing and enhancing key IT skills through technical training
    • Expanding leadership and managerial competency
    • Providing visibility to new and emerging technologies
    • Collaborating with businesses on IT solutions
    • Sponsoring events that support the state’s emerging business issues.

How to Get Involved & Contribute to the Community

If you would like to get involved in IPMA, the following opportunities are available.

Professional Development Events

Opportunities are available to help plan, organize, and conduct periodic professional development events. This includes selecting the topics to be covered, identifying potential presenters, and organizing the presentations. Contact:  Gary Duffield (pdevents@ipma-wa.com).


A Forum Planning Committee works throughout the year to plan an annual two-day event in May that features two keynote addresses, a series of seminars, and vendor displays. The Committee develops the theme for each event, establishes the schedule for the seminars, and organizes the individual seminars. The Committee is assisted by a paid part-time event manager.  Contact: Mace Maciejewski (mace@ipma-wa.com).

Executive Seminar

The Executive Seminar is an annual event in the fall that brings together approximately 100 government information technology executives and industry representatives for a three-day seminar to discuss topical issues. Planning for the location/facilities to be used occurs several years in advance. Program planning for each event begins early in the calendar year. Contact:  Mace Maciejewski (mace@ipma-wa.com).

IPMA Board of Directors

The activities of the IPMA are guided by a 12-person Board of Directors. Directors serve three-year terms. Four directors are elected each year in November. The Board is a working group of volunteers who staff six major functions within IPMA, two directors per function. In addition to the four functions identified above, the Chair and Vice-Chair cover business planning and the Secretary/Treasurer maintains the organization's records and manages financial transactions.

Each year, an ad-hoc Election Committee seeks qualified candidates for open Board positions. If you are interested in serving on the Board, you are encouraged to express such interest at any time.  Contact:  Barry Diseth (finances@ipma-wa.com).

IPMA Mailing List

IPMA maintains an email list that is used to inform subscribers of upcoming IPMA activities, related events, and other news. This list is only used by the IPMA. To be added to the mailing list, please fill out and submit the form below.