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Executive Seminar 2020 – Canceled

To Our Corporate Sponsors, Government Staff, and Friends:

The onset and continued spread of COVID-19, as well as subsequent state budget shortfalls, has made it necessary to change the IPMA business model for the foreseeable future.  Moving through the remainder of calendar year 2020, the IPMA will operate entirely via remote means.  Therefore, our annual September Executive Seminar will not be held this year.  This is a disappointing turn of events, but necessary.

This decision to cancel the Executive Seminar is in keeping with the guidance from the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, and state and local authorities related to travel, quarantine, social distancing, in person meetings and events.  The IPMA Board meets regularly to review our business model and will adjust operating strategy to ensure the continued safety of our corporate sponsors, government staff and friends.

The core mission of the IPMA has not, and will not change:

  • Leadership
  • Education
  • Networking

At this moment in time, the IPMA schedule of events is:

Executive Seminar – The  September 2020 in-person Executive Seminar is cancelled.

Individual Professional Development Events – For the foreseeable future, all PD events will be in a virtual format.  The IPMA PD Committee continues to research other formats for sharing information and new learning opportunities .

Thank you all for your continued support of the IPMA.  Now more than ever is the time for collaboration, as we navigate through these unusual and trying times.  The IPMA is looking forward to your ideas on how to adapt, evolve, and provide leadership, education, and networking opportunities.


Scott West, IPMA Chair

COVID-19 Letter From IPMA

To Our IPMA Partners, Sponsors, Government Staff, and Friends:


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that we reach out to each of you and communicate our deep care and support. Your health and safety are of utmost concern to our organization. As the situation rapidly evolves, the IPMA is taking steps to protect Board Members, our external partners, our Sponsors, and all of those who have come to know IPMA as a leader in government educational opportunities.

IPMA Events – In order to protect those we work with and our partners, the decision was made to cancel several of our premiere events. This is a first for our organization, as even during the financial downturn in 2008, we were able to provide quality opportunities to gather, learn and share.

The May 2020 FORUM – Following our Governor’s and the President’s request of Shelter in Place and maintain Social Distancing, the FORUM is canceled and will not be rescheduled. Although we have looked for new location opportunities, the future of large gatherings is uncertain and so we have decided to not hold this event.

Individual PD Events – Currently, all future PD events are on hold until further notice. The IPMA Professional Development Committee is researching potential virtual learning opportunities and will share information as soon as possible.

Executive Seminar – The IPMA September 2020 Executive Seminar is still moving forward, and if changes are necessary, we will inform all sponsors and guests as quickly as possible.

To each of our Partners, Sponsors, Government Staff, and Friends impacted by COVID-19, our thoughts are with you. Now is the time to lean on one another for support and resources, as we navigate through these difficult circumstances together. Thank you all for your continued support. The IPMA is looking forward to working with all of you in the near future.


Scott West, IPMA Chair


LeaderPath 2020 Class Completed

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We are proud to announce that our 2019-2020 LeaderPath class of students has graduated. Normally, we would join our students in a celebration of the completion of their learning, but due to the current concerns surrounding Covid-19 and the request by our Governor to reduce large meetings, the IPMA will forgo the graduation event and reception at this time. As the current environment changes, we will reassess. We appreciate your understanding and continued support of the IPMA and all of our future thought leaders.

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IPMA 2019 Annual Report

The IPMA Board Chair for 2019, Vonnie Diseth, was pleased to report that 2019 was another successful year for the IPMA program. “Through the delivery of relevant leadership and professional development training opportunities and providing professional networking opportunities between public sector and private sector IT professionals; the IPMA continued to further the professionalism of the Washington State public sector information technology community.”
“The Board also made contributions to increase our two IPMA scholarship endowments, one to the South Puget Sound Community College Foundation and the other to Evergreen State College (IPMA/Dennis E. Jones Memorial Scholarship) which were both established in 2003. These scholarships help students interested in information management or computer science.”
‘None of the events would be possible without the generous support of our corporate sponsors/partners. Their financial and professional contribution to the IPMA programs translated into valuable learning experiences at minimal cost to public sector attendees.”
The Chair also went on “to acknowledge Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech), all the other participating state agencies, the dedicated pool of volunteers, our IPMA Board of Directors, and all the individuals who step up to help with all our events. Without your dedication and commitment, none of this would be possible.”
See the 2019 Annual Report here.

Scott West

The IPMA 2020 Program Is Underway


The IPMA 2020 program is underway with newly elected Board Chair, Scott West.

IPMAs’ first professional development offering is scheduled for February 11th (see adjoining post).  Four additional offerings are scheduled throughout the year.

In addition to the Professional development offerings the annual Forum is scheduled for May 19th and 20th and the annual Executive Seminar is scheduled for September 14th through the 16th.

The IPMA is very excited to have such a great group of private sector sponsors for 2020 (see banner below).  Without these exceptional partners the IPMA would not be able to provide the quality events at minimal cost to attendees.

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Scalable Security Operations PD Event – Event Concluded

IPMAs’ latest professional development event, titled “Scalable Security Operations”, was held February 11th at the Worthington Center, St. Martins University.  Attendees came away with a better understanding of:  The state CISO’s vision for state security operations; Challenges faced by small, medium and large agencies to comply with current standards; Standard operating models and which is the most scalable for agency use; Creative solutions for scalable security operations; and, Lessons learned from colleagues from various size agencies.

Keep watch for IPMA’s next professional development offering coming soon.