PD Event — Business Transformation through IT Modernization

This event has ended. You can find event materials here.


What is IT Modernization? Is it merely moving application code to a new platform? Or is a more holistic endeavor required? 

This webinar will explore Business Transformation through IT Modernization from both a technological and organizational viewpoint. We will explore such questions as:

  • What is a Modern Application Framework? 
  • How do we build a successful Modernization Roadmap? (What needs to be modernized and what needs to be let go)
  • How do we bring our Executive Teams onboard with the importance of modernization inside the agency and making it a priority for budgeting, staffing and recruiting?
  • What would it look like to move our organizations from technology ‘silos’ to a ‘Business Driven Structure’? (Circles of excellence, Business Driven Prioritization, etc.)
  • How do we help educate employees and their representation on the importance of updating skill sets? How do we help them understand where the future of technology lies and how can we support them in transitioning?
  • How do we get organizational buy-in to move on from extensively modifying SaaS applications to fit our inherited processes?

Attendees will come away with a wider perspective of Business Transformation through IT Modernization as an encompassing organizational effort, rather than merely a new piece of technology. They will be able to network with their peers in other organizations, and begin dialog on this subject that can continue after the event.

This is a free Zoom event, but registration is required.

The event is finished.


Aug 29 2023


7:45 am - 3:30 pm




Gary Duffield
(360) 742-7996

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